Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Bit Of Blogging xo

Afternoon Bloggers,

It has taken me a long time to decide what to write about today, my mind is in a little bit of a haze! I don't even know why.

Blogging Experience

Firstly, it has been exactly 10 days since I started this wonderful blogging experience :) For me, it was the start of a new journey.


Like many, I am one of those people, who everyone comes to for advice, and I listen to their problems. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I will always be there for anyone who needs it no matter what. Glad people can trust me like that. But no one is ever there for me, I have a whole load of problems locked away that no one knows about because they don't ask or won't bother to listen. It drives me insane.

I'm not going to sit on my blog daily and air all my problems or bitch about stuff. But I did start a blog so I can be myself. Take my mind off things and something to concentrate on.

In my 10 days I have reached 100 twitter followers, almost 500 page views and 6 followers on Bloglovin :)

This is such a massive achievement for me, and I am so over whelmed by this.

I usually start something and quit within first week, I am determined to not let this happen again. Blogging community is brill, have met some lovely ladies and hope to meet more.

It may seem odd, but since I started blogging, I am generally a lot more happy. It's like another little life on the side of my normal life, none of my friends or family know about this yet. One day, if it becomes successful in the future, then that is when I will reveal who I am to you guys, to then tell my loved ones.

I don't want them to mock me if it fails.

The reason to why I believe I think I will fail, is because as many of you can guess - I am not a natural writer. I see all these newbie's like myself, who are far better than myself. I just hope that in time, my writing skills will progress.

Plus the fact that I do not do reviews, or insights etc. Well at least not yet anyways. I shall do some, but honestly I enjoy writing my posts of my real life style etc. It's different. I like that!

Hope you guys agree by continuing to read my posts, I would appreciate it lots and lots.

& If you have suggestions to what I can do, then please feel free to message me on Twitter.

So that's a little bit about my blogging, boring I know. Apologies!


Today, I am having a duvet day with my little Corey. Having a great day, watching movies, having cuddles, lots of giggles and eating chocolate. I couldn't think of anything better to do with my time.

When I was out of work, we used to do this all the time. It was the best, proper mother and son quality time. Since I started this new job in March, we haven't had one. Literally brings tears to my eyes. I was really lucky with this job, an Apprenticeship, for Adult Education with some amazing colleagues and 9-5 hours.

But sometimes, like today, I wish I didn't have to work.

Just look at this cutie, him and Fireman Sam took over!

I enjoy being a stay at home mum more than anything, but I'm young and not stupid. I know if I don't get an education now, then that's it. I am determined to make something of my life to help provide for my family. Even though actually working, I am like over a £1000 worse off then I was when I was a stay at home mum. Bloody government system is a joke.

Corey is such a cheeky monkey though, he never fails to put a big smile on my face :)


Yesterday, my partner had a day off, miracle as he only gets 1 a week. So irritating! We moved at the beginning of August, to a little 2 bedroom house. We spent the day, finally unpacking the last of the boxes. Now it's finished, it is looking beautiful :) It's exciting, as this is our first proper place together, before the flat was mine.

Here are some pictures of my downstairs

It may not be much but it is all mine :)

What's next?

I have probably bored you enough by now, so I shall leave it here for today.

I need to find my SLR Camera, to work on some very exciting posts - for example, 'Whats In My Make-Up Bag?' & 'Winter Favourites'.

So watch out for them my fellow bloggers.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. Your flat looks lovely! I love those days you just sit and snuggle - i've got a reaaaally busy weekend and that's now all I want to do haha

    Isabella (@isabellamaria88)


    1. thanks! have borrowed lots of money from my grandparents to get it looking proper :) ahh no, i'm sure you've got lots of lovely things planned though! xo



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