Monday, 2 September 2013

First Blog, Ahh Exciting :)

Hellooo Bloggers :)

I am so excited to have started blogging, this is my very first post so it will suck I am sure of it, sorry!

So to start off with I thought I would share a little about me with 10 facts:

1. 20 years young
2. Live in United Kingdom
3. A yummy mummy to a healthy happy little boy, he is my whole entire world
4. Full time Tutor at an Adult Education Centre
5. I have a doggy - Sandie, she's 8 years old and a lovely golden retriever
6. LOVE shopping for clothes, make-up and especially home accessories
7. I am obsessed with Domino's pizza - so yes I am a big girl but nevermind ey
8. I absolutely love meeting new people so please don't be afraid to say hello (i wont bite)
9. Have my own little house with my son and my partner
10. I like to talk lots, you'll realise this soon enough :)

My blog is going to be a bit of everything, from me just talking generally about what I've done that day to reviews on absolutely anything. Please feel free to let me know of any suggestions may have :)

If anyone could help me at all with designing this blog site, as I have no idea what I am doing, it would be greatly appreciated.

Below is my very basic logo - apologies as I know it is a lot of rubbish.

I'll post again very soon my fellow bloggers, Yummy Mummy <3


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