Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Round Up xo

Evening Bloggers,

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week so far, happy friday :)

I have had the LONGEST week ever, work has just been hectic!

So glad to finally kick back, relax and blog!


I am not even engaged yet, but I entered a Twitter competition to win tickets to The National Wedding Show, I never usually win these things so didn't really pay attention to fact that it was this weekend!

But, I WON!!!!

So very excited to go, I love Exhibitions and obssess over Weddings etc. Will give me some inspiration for when I finally do get engaged/married ;) *hinting to the boyfriend*

He on the other hand, wasn't very keen on the idea, of course! But I managed to twiddle my thumbs and persuade him to come as we are going to a gig in the evening (you will hear all about this in a bit)!

I will be sure to take lots of lovely pictures and do a post all about my experience :)

Boyce Avenue

Well a few weeks ago, I booked tickets to a gig, as soon as I realised they were playing in England. I just had too!

I was too late for VIP tickets, waaaah :(

They are a You Tube band, who I have had a crush on for a couple of years now. They really are superb. Here is a couple of videos of my favourite songs, hopefully they will play this at the gig too :)

Hope you like them as much as I do :) I am very excited about going, will be my first ever concert.

Well, I once went to Westlife, but I was 8 and actually do not remember it haha!

Weekend Plans

So clearly, you know what I will be up to on Sunday!

That's not even the best of it though, this weekend, I get to spend it with my boyfriend. He NEVER has a weekend off. Me and little Corey are over excited :)

Trips to the park, movie watching, a kids birthday party, London shopping, National Wedding Show & Boyce Avenue concert :)

Will be my best weekend in a while, if all goes to plan *fingers crossed*

Hoping to treat myself to some Tiffany & Co if I get the chance :P

Now It's All About You!

How are you guys doing? & what have you got planned this weekend? :)

I always say this in most of my posts, but THANK YOU for being so amazing and supporting me through my new blogging journey. Next week it will be an impressive a whole month since I started!

I wouldn't of gotten this far without you guys, and well I hope to meet some more of you, some come say Helloo :) Would love to make some friends!

Lots of page views and twitter followers, but really I am trying to get my Bloglovin numbers up now :)so please please please head over using this link - Yummy Mummy BlogLovin! If I manage to get these numbers up, then I will certainly be the happiest girl alive and will do a giveaway to say a massive thank you!! :)

Up & Coming

Last week I mentioned doing a post on an OPI Haul, I am still waiting delivery so their is a delay on this one :( booooo

But I have LOTS of New Look goodies arriving tomorrow so will be sure to share :)

I obviously am a Mummy and I fancy doing some more Mummy posts, I haven't really done any. There is one on Motherhood (birth story and growing up) if you fancy a look ;)

But I am unsure on how to go about these, as I do not know what to write about! Keep an eye out though just encase :)

I think I am over and out for today lovelies!


Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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