Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Hidden Tales Of A Teenage Mum.

Evening Bloggers

i've only just started blogging and so I'm still new to all of this and to be honest I actually want to turn my blog into a sort of diary kind of thing. I just want somewhere when I can be really open and honest, say what I feel etc. I wasn't quite sure on the idea, then on Monday's episode of 90210, Annie had actually done the same thing. It seems like a cool thing that I have my heart set on, hoping you guys will agree too.

I would really really like some fellow blogger's opinions on this though, so please leave a comment on here or twitter (@yummy2010mummy) to let me know what you think, pleaseee :)

I am just an ordinary teenager, i'm far from the typical skinny and pretty girls but I'm friendly and always smiling. I work full time and I'm a young mum. Please don't get the wrong idea from the stereotypical sense though, my son is my absolute world and I will do anything for him. Yes I do like to party, who doesn't? I've only been out twice this year though, one of which was for my 20th. This weekend it's the first of my friends 21st, so off out again :) I can't drink though as i'm recovering from a very recent operation. I'm skint pretty much all the time, because I have my own house and bills etc, it's so stressful. But I do love to shop, I spoil my little boy far too much, I always get moaned at for it. But when his cute little cheeky face is staring at me, how can I refuse? I love socialising with my friends, however I just don't get any time at the moment, which is super upsetting for me. When I'm not working and looking after my little man, I'll be sleeping or doing my coursework. I have a boyfriend, we live together, we love each other insane amounts and we argue as much as any other couple. I'm currently recovering from an operation, so my stomachs a bit sore, lots of BORING bed rest and painkillers.

I don't have an interesting life compared to some people do, as I don't have tons of money to go buy all sorts but who remembers reading stuff like Tracy Beaker when we were little. Her books were like diary's and they were awesome. I think it's different, I will obviously do make-up and fashion blogs, as I love the stuff. You'll see me paint my nails and when I dye my hair (I'm naturally a ginger, shh don't tell anyone haha). I may even have a good old b**** if my friends or boyfriend get on my nerves, come on lets face it we all do it.

I'm always here for everyone else, and for once, I would just like to be heard.

This will be like the hidden tales of a teenage mum. - It's quite catchy. Surprised I came up with that, going to be my new quote for my blog, love it.

I don't really know what else to say, so hope you like this.

Over and out for now..

Love Yummy Mummy <3

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  1. Great idea! X



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