Monday, 2 September 2013

J'Adore Pandora

Well, I LOVE Pandora.

I remember when my Daddy first brought my Pandora bracelet, was about 6/7 years ago now on Christmas Day. I had begged and then I was really gutted as really big present was wrapped up under the tree and as obviously Pandora is small I knew it wasn't that.

When I opened the present, It had loads of shredded paper in and holes in the box, I got so excited thinking it was a hamster. If it had of been then it would have been a miracle as my Daddy HATES animals.

However, It was Pandora :D

He knew what I wanted, he was just trying to keep it a surprise. What a nice Daddy ey :)

As you can see, since then my Pandora collection has grown massively. That's not even all of it. Somewhere in the process of moving house this month I have managed to misplace my newest bangle with my 'son' related charms, ahhh :(

Above, is my favourite bracelet, even has a limited edition teddy. It's a new one that started last Christmas that my other half got me, it was our first christmas together. Since then he keeps adding to it every so often. My favourite charm is the frog prince, I had been waiting forever for Pandora to release it. I got so happy when it came out in middle of this year, my other half went and got it next day :)

Each charm I have is soo special to me in one way or another.

So today Pandora decided to bring out some beautiful Pandora jewellery for their Autumn/Winter collection. It kills me that I am so broke to anything :(

Here's the new leaf collection, it's so on trend at the moment. Anyone want to buy for me? *flutters eyelashes at the boyfriend* haha :)

There's a link to it I suggest you have a look or pop into your local store :) The teams are always fab friendly people.

100% recommend to anyone!

Also, a great place to buy Pandora is a certified seller called John Greed, fab place, great prices, FAST delivery and great teams - check them out.


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