Sunday, 15 September 2013

#lbloggers Chat xo

Hiya Guys,

Well Sunday 15th #lbloggers chat was about positivity and negativity on posts. I was a bit late into the chat as I thought it started at 8 (whoops, blonde moment). However, the opinions were so diverse that I decided to do a blog about it as it seemed appropriate to myself and my little blog :)

I believe that this topic is personal to the blogger, no right or wrong.

Some will agree and some will disagree, of course. I loved reading all of your beautiful bloggers views, most stated that if you wish to write negative stuff, then to always add a positive spin onto the end so others know you are still ok. I will very much take this into consideration with my posts from now on as I do write both positive and negative posts and I did worry about this topic.

I have no problem with writing about some negatives, fair enough, I wouldn't like my family and friends to see it. Hense why I have a 'hidden' name. But I do know that one day, they will see it and I just hope they realise it wasn't within spite I write stuff, well maybe some things.

We are all only human, we make mistakes, we say things we don't mean too and we are all the same.

I certainly love a good old bitch about people, even though I would never be nasty about someone or towards them. As many others I am sure are the same. We all do it so you know you can't deny it!

I have a diary/lifestyle post, so that I can open up, be honest and write real life. Hense why I think both negative and positive posts should be included.

No ones life is perfect, as much as some like they to portray.

No amount of money, or beauty/fashion products will make someone happy. We all have real life issues, we should all know that everyone else is in the same boat.

We could all hide behind a smile, but someone will be able to tell by whats in your eyes.

"If you wouldn't say it to someone face-to-face, then you shouldn't write it on a blog"
That is the golden rule I think from today. Which I totally agree with, I have plenty of personal issues from childhood to adulthood that I could write away at, but I sure as hell won't. Only so much I shall share but if others would like too, then that is there own preference.

Bloggers, at the end of the day, will read what they want too, if they don't like if your post is too personal or too negative, then they just shouldn't read it. Like a book, would you really read it if you didn't want too?

Quoted from @TattooedTeaLady on twitter - 'If my personal life-y posts can help even one person, that's reason enough to feel happy sharing my thoughts and experiences' check out her blog at Tattooed Tea Lady

I am a newbie blogger, and I shall still continue to write what I write, as it is what I want to write about :)

I hope you lovely bloggers do enjoy my posts and that they are not too personal for e.g my 'Friday 13th xo' post, I had some venting to do. At the time, I knew it was wrong but I needed too, so I've left it up there and it got me the most daily views I have ever had so far. Hopefully *fingers crossed* I am doing something right in this blogging industry.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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