Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Liebster Award xo

Evening Bloggers,

I was nominated for a Liebster Award, this is literally the most exciting thing in the world! :) I'm jumping around like a loon with a big smile on my face, as if I've won the lottery or something. This is a BIG accomplishment for me though!

Liebster Award

I am very new to blogging, only started last week, so I had to do some research, here is what I found:

The Liebster award is for newbie bloggers like myself who have less than 200 followers, to help them get recognition, let readers know more about them and help get their blog on the map really. Well from what I can understand anyways :)

Their wasn't anywhere on Wikipedia about this? Who knows where this comes from etc? Who decides? Let me know pleasee!

Anyways, the rules are whoever nominated you, sets 11 questions which I shall answer below, I do 11 facts about myself. Then I set up questions for the people I nominate :)

Who Nominated Me

Thankyou soo much to Danielle at @FluffyCandyUK - Check out her blog over at Fluffy Candy UK <3
My 11 Questions

1. North or South?
I'm from South East :)
2. What would you wish for if given three wishes?
I would buy a big country mansion for all my family, mine and mums dream. Take Corey to Disney Land and have a beautiful wedding. As well as never have to work again but still get money!
3. What is your party trick?
I don't think I have one, I'm always the sensible one who looks after the drunk friends!
4. Coca Cola or Pepsi?
Pepsi Max fan all the way. I have 3 or 4 a day for some caffiene as I despise tea or coffee.
5. Favourite colour?
Red has always been my favourite, but I am now going towards Plum too as that's what my new bedroom is!
6. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I have always wanted to have my own business. A hairdressers/beauty salon. I am currently working towards my Adult Teaching Qualification. Then will go do my Beautician Qualification! I WILL get my dream one day.
7. Beach or forest?
Neither. Although, I would like a photoshoot done in the forest, so I can hide my fat behind the trees. I burn too much in the sun, being a natural ginger.
8. Most expensive piece of clothing you own?
Probably, my Miss Selfridge leather jacket actually, I don't tend to own exspensive clothes as I am always up and down in weight. The leather jacket doesn't fit at the moment!
9. Red lips, pink lips, nude lips or other lips?
I am very pale, so I go for the natural dark pink lips, not daring enough to wear red. It just makes me look like I tried too hard and it went wrong
10. Which beauty blogger/ YouTube Vlogger do you really admire?
I really admire
11. Worst beauty purchase ever?
Liquid Eye Liner, it really irritates me LOTS. I think I may be allergic. So disappointing!

11 Facts About Me

1. I'm 20.
2. My son is my favourite person ever obviously :)
3. Am beauty obsessed, I absolutely LOVE it all. But my collection has been the same since I was about 13 due to only finding one that suits my skin. WISH I could afford everything and anything, would j'adore a MAC collection.
4. Naturally a ginger, but I dye my hair brunette.
5. Have 4 tattoos.
6. I'm plus size.
7. Have an unhealthy addiction to splurge shopping and takeaways (hence no 6 haha).
8. Would really love to get married and have more kiddies, a little girl would do nicely!
9. I can't drive.
10. Teach adults for a living, whilst being on an Apprenticeship.
11. Finally, I am really enjoy blogging and meeting some lovely people :)


And now for the moment you have all been waiting for, the nominations are..

Haha, always wanted to say that! I think I'd make a good presenter :)

Polka Della

A Pinch Of Shaz

Rambles Of Katie

Blue Eyed Beauty

Tal Types

I know ALL of you have been nominated so don't want to do this again, sorry! You don't have too.

But I am nominating you lovely ladies, because I think your blogs are amazing & wish you the best of luck in the blogging future! <3
My Nominations Questions

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Secret obsession?
3. What is your jobs and/or fav hobbies? Besides blogging of course.
4. A blog post that you really want to do but keep putting it off?
5. Favourite piece of clothing?
6. Are you constantly on your phone/tablet?
7. TV Series you follow weekly? Old or now.
8. Does your house co-ordinate? Bed sheets matching curtains kind of thing.
9. Do you have any pets?
10. Something you NEVER leave the house without?
11. Do you spend your night on twitter and blogging instead of sleeping?

Blimey, that was hard thinking of them, sorry they are so random. I got REALLY stuck!

Thankyou for reading this post darlings, let me know what you think :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo

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