Monday, 23 September 2013

Monday Blues & Bright Sides xo

Evening bloggers,

So today's post is all about my Monday Blues & Bright Sides!

A few positives and negatives to my day..

I am not having a good day to say the least, I didn't want to get up first thing this morning. Who does ey?

Then work was busy busy, meeting deadlines, manager giving a list of 101 things that need to be done. Ahhhh, it just goes straight over my head, although I always manage to get it done! Bit of a geek and a hard worker, do love my job to some extent though :)

Was feeling lazy, so got my mummy to pick me up, driving down my road, thinking my neighbour is casually having a conversation with another lady at her doorstep.

Oh how I was wrong, the next moment, they are at eachother, fighting and pulling hair etc. Like wtf? as if adults act like this still. Not what I wanted my little boy to have to see, even if he did laugh! (strange child I have haha)

Plus, I am annoyed that my OPI order has not been recieved even though I ordered well over a week ago, about to go complain to their customer services after I write this!

Also, I must say that after a long 9-5 shift, I love coming home, turning my laptop on for a bit of blogging. I know you do too ;)

But today, was an unfourtante accurance. As most of you regular readers will know, originally I did not show my identity, as I did not want my friends/family to know about this, wanted someone private to run away from everything else. However, on Friday I did a post which you can find below called 'Reveal Myself'. This basically showed a picture of me, and said my name. Now, I stil haven't told my family/friends. I knew it wouldn't be long until people found it, however, someone has already. The least of people who I would like to see my blog.

Well, I was very very upset, it even made me cry. I even contemplated deleting my blog altogether. But, WHY should I?

Yes it means I need to be more careful of what I say, but I really am LOVING (understatement) blogging! So I will not let anything ruin it for me :)

If you know who I am, and I know you will be reading this, I do think the fact you feel the need to spy on me is unbelieveably pathetic. I thought we was over that now? Like move on..

But I shall rise above it, and do as I please my son, partner & I are extremely happy with our little content life we are making for eachother :) What more do I need in life?

So, that is enough of the negatives, now for the MASSIVE positive.

If you have me on Twitter you will be BORED of me saying this now, but it's my 3 Week Anniversairy for Blogging and yesterday I reached an outstanding 200 twitter followers, as well as 1000 page views!!

It literally made my day, I couldn't be happier.

It may only seem little to some, but it is absolutely everything to me! More than I ever imagined I would get from blogging. It really has changed my life for the better, I have met some lovely people and have a new concentration, spend my spare time doing and made my over all mood a lot better :) It is all thanks to you!


Look out for more blog posts this week :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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