Saturday, 7 September 2013

Next Haul & Weekend Feeling xo

Afternoon bloggers,

It's the lovely weekend, hope you guys are doing something nice :)

My gorgeous son has gone to his dads for the weekend again. A LONG 35 hours without him, it's the most boring time ever. He really didn't want to go this morning either, which I hate seeing him upset, but the fact he wants to stay with mummy makes me feel loved. I always miss him so much. Counting down the hours already!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down so I decided to do some shopping and order bubs' winter wardrobe, lovely next had it delivered this morning :) thanks so much for the speedy delivery guys!

It's safe to say I went a little mad!

Next Haul

Firstly, here is the essential winter items - Wellies, snowsuit, coat, hat, scarf and gloves.

I think they are adorable, you will notice a theme shortly when I show you the rest. I'm not too sure on the padded coat yet though. I will have to see what he thinks tomorrow when he is home.

Secondly, here is 3 joggers, 2 jeans and 1 chino. Plus, some jumper tops. 2 hoodies, 1 gilet and a cardigan.

That theme I was on about, is cars, fire engines etc. He's a typical little lad! I'm so excited for him to see these :) His smile is the only satisfaction I need.

Lastly, another obsession of mine is home accessories, so I had to have a browse when I was online shopping last night and came across this. It's so beautiful and means everything to me.

It's just like me and my son, he is fair haired whilst I am dark haired. I have the dilemma of finding a spot for it though. The colour theme would go perfectly in my living room. However, I feel like it needs to be on my bedside table next to me.

This is total cost me just over £300 (that's half my rent money for the month gone, whoopsie!). Got to do whatever makes you happy though right? :)

Weekend Feeling

Tonight, I am off to the local pub for my friend's 21st birthday celebrations with her friends and family. Meant to be going into Bedford town afternoon, not sure if i'm up to that though. Sober nights out aren't the ones!

My mum stopped by today bringing round the rest of my things from my old flat, so ended up with loads more things I need to find a space for in this new house, frustrating! Hopefully the boyfriend will do it whilst I am out tonight :)

Fellow Bloggers

I would just like to say how overwhelmed I am about the amount of followers on twitter on my first week, 47 so far, and that just means everything to me :) Plus having over 188 page views over the last week! This is such a big achievement for me, I only started Monday, 6 days ago! Nowhere near expected to get this far ever let alone in a week :) It's so exciting, I wish some of you would leave comments and let me know you've stopped by so I can thank you :) Hopefully once my page grows I will make some lovely friends out of you bloggers! I'm really looking forward to the future of blogging.

Once I figure out how to make my page looking a bit better, I will add some widgets and links to other social network sites. Please, if anyone can help me with this I would be forever greatful!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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