Sunday, 20 October 2013

Broody Mummy xo

Evening bloggers,

Today's post is a bit different to some - I just want to air out about how bloomin broody I am, also advice is needed!

My son is reaching his 3rd birthday in December, and as I have only been with my current partner for around 20 months, we decided to wait until we are married and conceive as Corey turns 5. Which was always the plan, he would be a little older and at school most of the day etc - perfect!

Noooo, I want a baby now!

But I am in a bit of a predicament, I am on the Contraceptive Implant, which lasts for 3 years (mine doesn't run out until May 2015!!!!) - FOREVER AWAY

I could easily have it taken out now and try to have a baby, however, I am on extremely strong medicine called Roacctuane prescribed by a Consultant at the Dermatology department in the Hospital. One of the only ways you can go onto this medicine is if you have a permanent Contraceptive. So if I decided I wanted a baby now, then I would have to stop this treatment. Frankly, this is the best my skin has ever looked. I stopped using over Summer due to being poorly, instantly my skin went back to its disgusting oily spotty self - I do not want this to happen again!!!

I have just last month, started a 9 month course of treatment, where I have a chance to lose weight (even though this might only be me but implant bloody makes me put on weight all the time) and then in this time get married before 2015 and then have a baby. It's not that long away right?

Or do I pack all my weight loss and skin treatment in now and have a baby?!

My heart is torn between the two, clearly my brain says 'STOP' as financially I am unsure if I would cope due to recent debt bills that my boyfriend has magic'd up from his previous life before me! - asshole!

Also, I would be scared to try for a baby, other half is a mystery whether he can actually have a baby or not as he has never tried before - I am hoping he is fertile! *fingers crossed* Plus the fact that, my little premature darling Corey, how would I cope if this happened again? I have surpressed all feelings from the past to do with this, pushed it right to the back of my little brain and left it there never to think of! Here's a picture of Corey at his worst illness after he almost passed away in my arms at 6 weeks old:

The main reason I am broody is because of you fellow bloggers with your pregnancy updates etc, I want that, I want that feeling again, I want my Corey to have a little sibling (girl!!!!)

I have a cheeky little monkey boy, he is turning into a typical little lad! Could I cope with a baby and a 3 year old now?

My family have already stated that they will not help me - as they do ALOT for me daily! Nan helps pay for my nursery bills, both mum and nan have to babysit once a week whilst I go to work. Would they do this for 2 babies? Don't think so! Nan isn't exactly in the prime of her life lets face it and my mum works over 40 hours a week as it is.

Who of you had a well behaved child when first born? I did! Corey barely cried, he was asleep in a cot by 3 months old. Only woken up once in the night since then. Would my second child be just as good? Or would I have the nightmare of wake ups etc, I wouldn't handle it, I am very selfish in the fact that I NEED sleep!!!!

Here is the good times of new born:

So precious and small at only 2ish hours old!

Working - I LOVE MY JOB! I am currently on an apprenticeship, which would finish about same time baby is due - how would this work? I do not know! I would love to go back there after, but is that another possibility I do not know!

So many factors to consider?

I need to speak to my mum, my work and my other half - What awkward conversations they will be! How would you go about this?

Some friendly advice would be most welcoming please? :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo

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  1. This is always such a tricky one. The thing is I dont think there is ever a 'right time'.My husband and I are currently working out when to have another baby, even though our daughter is only 5 months old. DO I go back to work in between, or do I jack it in and have another one, then restart career later... i'd rather they were both out of nappies etc closer together than one getting out and then a whole new load to start with etc.... but as you say the older one being in school is a bonus!



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