Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Life As A Working Mummy xo

Evening Bloggers,

Something most of us have to go through in life is working whilst being a mother. If you are very few lucky ones, then I am super jealous!

Since giving birth, I have been in and out of work - currently in my 3rd employment. This one is the real deal, an actual full-time job. I love it! Even though, it is very tiring.

I want to enjoy walks in the day etc again!

But we got to do what we got to do right?

Well, the goverment system is messed up to be honest. Before this year, I lived by myself with my son in a flat working full-time, got me a certain amount of benefits. Now I am living in a house with my son and partner, we now are entitled the exact same amount of benefits still - lucky me ey :) I am doing alright money wise. Guess why though? I bet you can't!

The way it works is, I am on an apprenticeship so I only earn £99 a week, when that ends in several months, I will be royally screwed. If I were to get an actual decent wage, it would be say no more than £800 after tax, which would then mean I am entitled to no benefits. How does this make sense? No idea. My options would be to quit or have another baby - just to recieve more benefits. If I got an actual wage, I would be worse off by almost £1,500 a month. Baring in mind, childcare fees cost me £850 or something ridiculus like that a month, let alone rent, bills and food!

I'm sorry but no wonder why people live off benefits? It's all causing far too much stress for me. All I want is to be rich and spend lots of time with my son and make my family bigger, is that too much to ask? :(

I am so very lucky to have found my job though, I finally have a decent job that I enjoy. Making something of my life. I am a Teacher for crying out loud, giving adults an education. It makes me feel really smart :P - far from it though!

In August, I had an operation, ended up having 4 weeks of in total. Mainly because I didn't want to go back, I realised just how much I missed spending every day with my little bubsy Corey. Now, he refuses to go Nursery etc because he just wants me :( - It's actually heart breaking, both of us are usually in tears most mornings. Is it really this hard finding a balance in life?

I don't want to work; just because I want to spend time with my baby, it's not lazy - it is love :) But at the same time, I don't want to a bum. I want to set an example to my children, to go places in life, not one day be in my 30's never achieving anything career goal wise and not have a clue on what to do when my children have grown up and left. By the time I am 40, my son will be a massive 23, so he might be long gone by then. I would still have about 30 years left of work to do at this point. Would you want to start at the bottom at 20 or 40?

Tomorrow I have to travel a 3 hour journey, so I best be off to bed really with a 5 o'clock wake up! How I will cope I do not know, but a very important business meeting. BORING!

What do you do & hope do you cope? I can't be the only one! Leave some comments with your stories, I would love to hear them :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. I'm not a mum (yet) but I admire the woman who go out and work while raising a family. Its difficult emotionally, physically & financially. It sounds like your doing a grand job so keep going. x


  2. I totally agree with this hun, it is so so hard!!
    I'm a working mum also, I want to work to bring the money in, and to show Bradley morals and a good way of life!
    It is hard tho, so hard - I'd much prefer to be at home & to be able to take Bradley to school, pick him up & be able to go to class assemblies etc. - but needs must - and Corey will thank you for it, hopefully, as he gets older ;) x

    1. Thank you lovely, appreciate it! It is good that some of us still have morals. It would be so lovely to afford to stay at home, but life just isn't that fair. Got to be hard working to pay the bills :) Hopefully, as will Bradley do the same :) xo



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