Tuesday, 1 October 2013

National Wedding Show xo

Helloo Bloggers,

Sorry it has been a few days since I last posted, been hectic over the weekend and with work. Managed to persuade my nan to babysit for me to write a couple of scheduled posts for this week :)

So in an earlier post, on Friday, I stated how I won tickets to National Wedding Show in a Twitter Competition, from the wonderful Perfect Wedding Magazine!

So I have decided to share these wonderful findings:

Flower & Macaroon Dress, Beautiful Displays!

Lots of fabulous goodies, gagazines and leaflets!

Top Left: Paper Themes
Top Right: Spun Candy
Bottom Left: Bespoke Ceramic Favours
Bottom Right: MYminiYOU - Handcrafted caricature models

Top Left: Picture Booth
Top Right: Foto Fusion - Personalised Photographic Cards
Bottom Left: Hen Party Bus - It's PINK!
Bottom Right: The Happy Wedding

Top Left: Candy Buffet Creations
Top Right: Signature Platters - Modern Guest Signings
Bottom Left: Wedding Day In Art - Personalised
Bottom Right: Elizabeth Lois Photography

Beautiful Cake Displays

Perfect Fairytale Dress - I Wish!

Cheeky Snap Of Me On Train

I may not be getting married, or in fact even engaged yet. But I had the most fantastic day :)

My boyfriend on the other hand, well he moaned the whole time and ending up sitting down, whilst leaving me on my own. Was far better that way to be frank.

I deffiently got so many brilliant ideas for when I do eventually have a special day to plan of my own. The pictures above, are from my favourite companies. Please be sure to click on the links provided and have a browse :)

Guess that it is really, any questions about the event, please feel free to ask.

Watch out for my OPI Haul & First Ever Giveaway coming sometime this week :)

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Love, Yummy Mummy xo

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  1. Lovely blog post! So glad that you enjoyed the show, we're thrilled to see that we made your favourites :D Lots of love, Lizzie & Rhoddy aka Elizabeth Lois Photography xxx



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