Sunday, 6 October 2013

OPI Haul xo

Helloo Bloggers,

So as most of you would have read, my Friday 13th Sept wasn't the best. So I did my first ever OPI shop, as I have always wanted to try them and now I have the excuse of my blog to actually spend a fortune :P

My purchases included:

Big Apple Red 15ml
Couture de Minnie by OPI - Runway Minnies
Louvre Me Louvre Me Not 15ml
Miami Beet 15ml
Pink Of Hearts 2013 15ml
Top It. Spray It. Done! - Rapid Dry

It ended up costing me a whopping £75.19, due to a 25% off using promo code 'SHEERLUXE'. So origionally it should have cost £100, I saved a fair bit. Not that I can justify spending this - It was far too much and I feel super quilty!

Miami Beet

I have a bit of a fetish for this sort of colour, it is by far my fav!

Also, the rapid dry, is superb! I never really believe in stuff like that but I get beyond frustrated waiting 2 hours for my nails to dry for them to still smudge. But guess what? IT WORKED! Deffiently a recommend :) It doesn't work within seconds, I waited about 10 minutes to be sure, and that was plenty of time.

Originally, I just tested these quick upon delivery - I was disappointed! I decided to give them another try today, and thankfully I did as now I am pleased with these purchases :)

Beautiful shiny plum, Lourve Me Lourve Me Not, but you do need a couple of coats due to being watery and thin. As for the Big Apple Red, it is a vibrant class red. Superb to add a splash of colour to any 'Little Black Dress' outfit.

Frankly, I am not a very pinky kind of girl, but I had to purchase the Pink Of Hearts to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Couture de Minnie

Last but not least, my absolute favourite purchase is the Couture de Minnie, the colours are just amazing in all aspects. Elegent and girly :) It is a shame they are so small, I have to purchase the big bottles especially the glittery red!

Overall, A very satisfied customer from my first ever OPI Haul.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. Oh I'm so jealous, these are all gorgeous! x

  2. Lovely colours I love the reds (always red nails and lips for me, if not purple)!! You have quite a collection! X

    1. I am not a big red fan, due to being so very pale - makes me look like a vampire haha. I do love the purples though :) I did spend a far too much for my first ever purchases with OPI, very pleased though! xo

  3. Lourve me Lourve me not looks like a gorgeous winter colour. I love purples & dark shades.

    Hayley -


    1. yess I absolutely love it, it really is gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it :) I am also a big fan of the purples/plums! xoxo

  4. This haul is SO something I'd do! It's all about nails! I recently had a Ciaté haul when they had their flash sale and I was chuffed to bits. Pretty blog xx



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