Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Terrible Two's & Potty Training xo

Morning Bloggers,

Finally I am getting round to posting my first ever mummy post, I keep putting it off as there are so many brilliant mummy blogs out there, that actually I am frightened as I am not so good. So nerve wrecking - but got to start somewhere so here I go..

I am a mummy to a wonderful little 2 year 10 month old boy - Corey :)

I have a post all about my motherhood experience if you want to check it out too!

I have thankfully been blessed with a well behaved little boy, he has slept through the night ever since he was about 2 months old, he doesn't cry very often, he will sit and play quietly for hours, lets me sleep if I need too etc.

He is very cute, acts all shy infront of others. But in reality, he never shuts up!

Most of the time, he does behave whilst out and about too. He's not a screaming round the shops, laying on the floor kicking kind of child. Thank god, as it would have driven me insane.

But unfourtently as of last month, my little angel, has turned into a cheeky little chap. He his a very clever individual, and has sussed who he can get away with what. For example, he will be busy telling me that Daddy and Daddy's girlfriend scare him, but they do not, well as far as I am aware anyways. He acted terrified of this though, tears and everything. Then as soon as I mention this infront of Daddy, he does his cheeky little grin and goes shy, knowing damn well he lied to me. Corey will sit there hitting/poking me, then ring up his nanny saying I am hitting him, even though she can hear him hitting me - he just laughs. Trying to nip that in the butt quickly, as he is very strong and it actually hurts. (I am the biggest weakling ever by the way)

Corey's biggest Terrible Two's is the fact that he is so impatient, if he doesn't get his way like right then and there, then he starts to moan. Like if your doing a puzzle, and do it wrong, he is like 'Oh for god sake mummy' or 'Oh for f**k sake mummy' like really? Where has he learnt this from? A question I cannot answer, as I am unsure. Detective work at the ready for where he learns inappropriate things.

Another thing, he has started to walk funny, such as walking like a penguin or a zombie. So when his Daddy came to pick him up Saturday morning, I said I didn't want him doing this - he was unsure of where it came from, as am I. Two minutes later as they leave, his Daddy starts doing a 'funny weird walk' -_- We found out who the culprit is quickly haha. *BIG SIGH*

Potty Training - So I was a little worried on this, being my first child, plus him being a premature baby so he was a little slow on things such as walking, although he certainly didn't slack in the talking area haha. I didn't start Potty Training, until August 2013, he was 2 and a half years old at this point. I kept putting it off, because I have no patience. I finally decided to get over myself and just go for it. Well I ended up having an operation that week, so my family ended up doing it anyways. However, my little good boy, got the hang of it so quickly. Lots of people moaned saying I was leaving it too long, like my mum and nan. But in fact, after reading lots into it, most boys aren't potty trained until they are 3 onwards. I didn't even go for a potty, just went straight to the toilet, as I didn't fancy picking poo out of a potty haha! Well, within 2 weeks, he was potty trained fully :) - not at night time though. He is a very very heavy sleepy, so this one can wait a while as I like my sleep too!

All in all I am actually incredibly lucky to have a sort of, well behaved child, compared to some stories I here. But I have determination to not let him be a horror. I hate being judgemental but where as some mums in my area walking around town, ignoring their crying children, not knowing who the father is, whilst they talk to chavvy spotty teenage boys, partying every week, yuk. - Typical life of a Teenage Mummy - Well not me!

I may not be with my son's father, but I have a lovely fella who has been apart of his life, since he was just 1 year old. I work a hard full time job to provide nice things for him, always buy him nice things rather than for myself and partner. Finally, got a nice house with a garden to play with the dog - rather than my 2nd floor old flat. He sees his daddy on a regular and consistant basis.

Frankly, I am proud of the life I have given to my amazing child I am raising :)

If there's one thing in this world worth doing its becoming a parent. Best thing ever. His laugh is infectious and his smiles melt my heart. & when he says 'I Love You Mummy' - just wow, it always gives me shivers. Makes everything worth it.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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