Friday, 4 October 2013

Weekly Round Up xo

Helloo bloggers,

Don't even know where to start to be honest, stressful week but this little monkey makes it all better!

didn't realise what he was doing in the back of bottom left, little devil

I say this plenty, but he really is my whole entire world :)

I really would love to spend more time with him, working all the time is really upsetting us both! He keeps crying before Nursery because he wants me, waaaaah! I don't even get to spend all my spare time with him, as clearly in the evenings he goes to bed, so a couple hours at most we get. Then I only have him every other weekend as he spends one at his Dad's, like this weekend :( A whole 35 hours with out him - I don't cope well.

But I will spend the weekend scheduling posts etc to keep me occupied!


This is where my stress is from. When I was growing up, I remember the adults always moaning; I never believed them!

Oh boy, I was wrong..

For a living, I teach adults. We are a Learning Centre, funded by companies (college's etc). The issue is at the moment, our funders don't want to renew our contract due to poor statistics from last year.

We only have a small team, so most of the time only 2 of us in the office. Yes, that is right! 2 bloody staff with about 30 students, exhausting! Busy trying to sort so much paper work out, to fight our funders to prove to them why they should help us out.

Well if it doesn't happen then, guess what?

Little old me, will be made redundant at the age of 20.

I finally have a job I love and could get me somewhere. Don't want to lose it!

But, I have to admit, after a 4 week break for recovery from illness, I realised how much I miss my son & he misses me! :(

I have to work though, I would go insane at home 24/7, I need independance. I neeeed to work!

I don't agree with being a bum, sitting around. There is no excuse! (besides getting more money from goverment to sit on your ass all day, actually is more than a full time wage, WTF?)

Anyways, that's let a bit off my chest..

Weight Loss

Earlier this week I revealed I am setting up a stage of Weight Loss posts, I am on a major diet. I NEEEEEED support from you guys on this one. It is a must for me, and I am not very determinded, but I will get there, and fast!

Go read my post about it for the full story :)

The next thing you are about to see, is gross so if you are faint hearted - look away now!

This picture, is actually vile and sickening to me. This is where I will get determination from.

Here's a picture of what I looked like at one of my skinniest times :) - Something a bit nicer!

and just to remind myself of how much I liked being skinny - around 16 months ago now!


I looked into the Gym Referal that the doctor can send me too, it's at my local gym (literally next street to me) and I get 10 weeks free, and then a discounted membership from then onwards if I want.

Well, I want!

So, watch out for my weight loss progression!

Hoping by sharing with you guys, will be more determination for me, so apologies if you find it boring or yukky.

I also have planned a family photoshoot for November, so do not want to obese for that as want memories that I will treasure forever :)

Blogging Community

There has been one main awful event in the blogging community this week unfourtently, which shall not be mentioned. But the way the bloggers kept together is so brill :)

I plan on doing Mummy posts but no idea what to write about. Ideas please mummies?

I just LOVE blogging, I don't say it enough. I LOVE it!

Come say Hiiii to me please over on my Twitter - @yummy2010mummy :) Would love to meet you lovely people who read my blog :)

On Wednesday I had my 1 Month Anniversairy of Blogging - how cool is that? :)

Shopping Addict

I have lots of exciting new posts coming up, as I have been buying lots. You guys are by far bad influences on me ;)

I need to stop though, as well I am close to only have pennies left for the week!

I am doing 2 blogging box swaps - an Autumn one and a Christmas one. Getting very excited buying lots of goodies for you two wonderful ladies, but who? That's a suprise ;)

Over and Out

So I think today that is it for now, be sure to read on to some of my other posts and leave comments etc, would be muchly appreciated!

I shall leave with a little inspiration for you all :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo

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