Tuesday, 5 November 2013

ASOS Insider - #AccessAllASOS xo


So this is a little about how I became an ASOS Insider - greatest thing that has happened to me since Blogging!

So, to start off with I was a little confused on what this was, but this video (Link Here) was super helpful! If you can not watch this, for a bit of a gist of what it is about, you get:

1. Inside details before others
2. Exclusive invitations
3. Goodies
4. To be a part of such a fab new community of people

I went in not really knowing much, not really having a chance besides a little bit of hope. Then I saw that some people had received emails stating they had got through, for some reason, I decided to check my emails to see, I knew I had no chance as lets face it, I never win anything. But guess what? I GOT IN! Then later on that afternoon, luckily I had day off so was in to get the post - I got a package welcoming to become an Insider!

I got a little harmonica, which they thought would be good for little man - well oh boy, it is the most annoying thing ever now. But they kindly put a face mask for when I got stressed from the noise haha, which I am yet to try.

Every so often, I will get emails that are introducing new invitations, which I then need to log into, select my interest and then wait to see if I am one of the lucky chosen few. I have been lucky, in fact, very lucky! I recieved a spooky secret suprise for #todayisscaryselfies which they sent a halloween mask over for me, which both myself and son enjoyed, as well as today I recieved in the post a signed copy of Alexa Chung's book 'IT'

Me in Cat Mask

Corey in Cat Mask, he insisted!

Alexa Chung book

I can't wait to see what other invitations they have in the future, exciting stuff, can hardly control myself. To best honest, I am not into blogging for the goodies, but receiving little gifts in the post recently has been super amazing for me. If the boyfriend won't do it, then who will? #AccessAllASOS do :)

Apply Now For 2014 Here!!

Hope you enjoy, go apply to get your spot in 2014 :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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