Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Galore!!

Evening beauties,

Yesterday (Saturday) Corey, nanny and myself went to Milton Keynes shopping centre, to see their Christmas display they have every year. The theme was 'Snow White in The Land of Enchanted Dreams' and ohh it was so magical :) We didn't get to see Santa has he was too busy in the morning, but they had a train that went round the display, and here are some snaps of that:

Corey found it truly amazing, with his little giggle the whole way round!!

Now, today we have officially taken Lazy Sunday to an extreme in this house as my little man slept in until 1.30 this afternoon without a peak all morning. This was only because I woke him up then, he would have slept for much longer - unsure why the sudden laziness. I on the other hand have been wide awake since around 7, as every morning I have to nudge and poke to boyfriend for endless amount of hours to get him up for work, and no surprise he was late yet again. Sooo bloody beyond annoying, I have to get up early to wake him up on my only chance to have the slightest lay in all week - well not a happy bunny today. I did however stay in bed all morning until Corey awakened as did not dare get up encase he hears me. There goes my morning of housework I had planned for today - thank god! :)

So after my sleepy little child woke up we relaxed on the sofa, and watched Cartoonito Channel which shows all of his favourite shows such as Fireman Sam, Baby Looney Tunes, Peppa pig, Banana's in Pyjama's etc.

At 5pm, the other half has come home from work - being lazy buggers we has left over Indian take away from last night :)

Now to the very exciting bit, Christmas is coming to my household!!!! I finally decided to just do it, and put my Christmas decorations up as I couldn't wait any longer. Last year it was our first Christmas together as a couple, so we decided to go all out and buy an amazing big Christmas tree with beautiful decorations - at my old flat this was so only had room for a tree. This year I am very excited to be putting this exact Christmas Tree up in our new house :)

Over the next few weeks, I shall be adding to my living room decorations because as mentioned last year I only had room for a Tree, I want lights, tinsel, Reindeer's and Santa by the fireplace etc!

Here is pictures of us building the tree, and the mess it caused:

The best part of all, my Corey putting the Star on the top of the Christmas Tree for the first year ever, a new tradition:

Now here is the final masterpiece - (in light and darkness) :)

My christmassy fireplace etc:

Finally, my favourite teddies.. I got these last year for a bargain at Tesco, Santa & the Elf are my favourite. If I was a kid, they would go everywhere with me - Luckily, I am not quite that sad at 20!

So let me know what you think, and when are you putting up your decorations?? Come join me on the early band wagon & hope to see lots of Christmassy posts up very soon!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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