Friday, 29 November 2013

Family Photoshoot

Hey Bloggers,

So a few weeks ago I had a family photoshoot and the photo's are literally so amazing I just had to share them on my blog as I am over the moon!

When Corey was 9 months old, at the time I was recently a single mother - so I got a shoot of just us two, to symbalise our bond etc. Here are some of those pictures:

(Corey was a poser which the pictures certainly show (Also I was only a size 14, take me back to those days!!)

I didn't think I would meet anyone else, but I ended up meeting someone not long after Corey's 1st Birthday, he is not only the love of my life but my best friend and hopefully soon to be hubby - now nearing to our 22 months, and celebrating our first house together etc. A great time for a photoshoot to put up over the fireplace etc. As we don't have many pictures of us all together as neither of the boys like having their pictures taken but they came out amazing!
Here are some of my best pics:

Corey & I - fav pic!

Lovee the squashing pic of my boys, such a fun moment - another fav pic!

Some of all of us!

I haven't put many of myself on here as quite frankly I am a bit embarrased on how big I am and these pictures reflect that.

However, I am so pleased with the outcome of all the pictures. I hope you enjoy :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. OMG!!! babe!! These pictures are ADORABLE!!! I just want to hug and squeeze your little boy hes the cutest!!! Its sooo good to see how well hes gets on with your partner!! its incredible! They look like a proper father son duo! hehe! Dont feel bad about yourself hun! You look so happy!! The scales just a number! remember that!!

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures! They really make me reflect on my own family!!
    Much Love!!
    Dees Beautiful Life

    1. Have already told you before how much this comment meant to me but thank you soo much sweetie :) Corey is a sweetie but a trouble maker, bossed the photographer around all day - when usually he is as shy as anything, typical! They are like the best of friends, who gang up on me lool! :) Scales are deffiently just a number, but can't help but want to lose weigh lol. Lots of love xoxo



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