Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#TheWinterProject - Week 3

Hellooo Bloggers,

This is the 2nd of #TheWinterProject created by the wonderful Kellie Saunders who has a post all about this project on this link here.

They will be up every week on Tuesday's, posts going live at 6pm - so don't forget to come back regularly to check my posts please :)

Week 1 - Fav Winter Nails - Link Here

Week 2 - Winter Accessories - Link Here

Week 3 - Winter Scents

Fav Winter Scents

Here is some of my all time favourite perfumes, I absolutely LOVE fruity light scents:

JLo Live - Boots £15.99 for 100ml

So this one has been my number 1 perfume ever since I was around 13/14 (now 20) and I am very gutted to say that once these are sold, that is it they are being discontinued :( I can not even begin to explain how upset I am at this, so you best go try it before it goes as it is deffo one for keeps. It smells so fruitilious and just amazing, no faults what so ever!

Next is..

Versace Jeans (Red for girls, Blue for boys) - Boots £14.99

Originally, last year we brought these for my boyfriends best friends, who are a couple. Very sweet to be matching - absolutely love this idea as I am a hopeless romantic! We liked the smell of them soo much, I got some for us. Now I am on my 3rd this year. Again it is fruity, but also my new fav!

Last but not least..

Vera Wang Love Struck - Boots £19.99 for 30ml

Just to repeat myself, if you hadn't realised by now, again this is another fruity perfume. You can tell my obsession by now surely :) and you are probably wondering why fruity smells are for winter, well because that little glimpse of fruitness is all we have over winter to remind us of summer. Deffo go try these if you want to smell gorgeous :)

Leave me your links to your #TheWinterProject !

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. Fab post! The Vera Wang Love Struck smells lovely :)

  2. Love Red Jean, such a gorgeous perfume and so cheap too!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. It really is such a fantastic bargain!! I love how it is matching, super cute for couples :) xo

  3. Would love to try Versace red jeans


    1. Go treat yourself hun :) it is such a bargain & must have xo



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