Friday, 20 December 2013

Corey's 3rd Birthday!!

Helloo lovelies :)

This is hard for me to even process let alone write about, but my little perfect munchkin has turned 3. To be quite honest I can not even explain how I feel about this, as it just makes me feel odd and sad that he isn't a baby anymore!! My Corey is all grown up, time has gone far too quickly for my liking but every step of the way since he was a baby has been perfect :) He is my son, best friend and my whole entire world <3 Honestly, the love a mother has for her child, is so different to the love you would have for your partner - It is unexplainable, almost unbelieveable. Some days I just look at Corey and will cry because I sit their thinking how much I love him. Which may sound silly to some, but I couldn't live my life without him. To start off with I am going to do 'A Birthday Questionnaire' the guestions from Dancing With Dirty Feet blog :) who kindly let me borrow for Corey :) so here we go:

How old are you? 3
What is your favourite colour? Green
What is your favourite animal? Moo Cow (it isn't really!)
What is your favourite book? Fireman Sam
What is your favourites t.v. show? Fireman Sam & Peppa Pig & Hollyoaks - wait, what? he crys everytime!!!
What is your favourite movie? Monsters or Minions
What is your favourite song? Don't Worry Be Happy, just like that mummy.
What is your favourite food? Chicken
What is your favourite drink? Orange
What is your favourite breakfast food? Cereal
What is your favourite snack? Biscuits or Cake
What is your favourite outfit? Fireman Sam
What is your favourite game? Jigsaw Puzzles
What is your favourite toy? Teddies
Who is your best friend? Mummy.. n'aww sweetie :)
What is your favourite thing to do? Toys
What is your favourite thing to do outside? Bikes, at Nursery!
What was your favourite holiday? Ermm, nothing, I didn't even go on Holiday on an Aeroplane, did I? *huffs and puffs*
What do you take to bed with you at night? Teddies
Where is your favourite place to go? Our house.
What is your favourite restaurant? "where we go shopping, where we buy the toys"
Where would you like to go on holidays? Disney Land.. Ohh I wish!
What makes you happy? Ermmmmmm, food and toys
What makes you sad? Sandie just licked me last time (the dog!)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Erm, I am grown up.
What did you do on your birthday? Christmas & Presents

Well that is a strange concucsition of answers from my wonderful little 3 year old. :) He has a very big imaginary at the moment and as you can tell a cheeky monkey :) I think I take the hint that he may want to go to Disney Land on an Aeroplane? Well, me too!!

Corey's birthday ended up on a Thursday this year but we all booked the time off so the family could have a nice day together celebrating at Nanny's house! :) We had a lunch of burgers, hot dogs and crisps that my mum had kindly made for us all.

Here is Corey playing with some old his old toys whilst waiting for the family to arrive

Waiting patiently!

Opening his birthday cards, this was his favorite from his mummy of course :P

Opening lots of presents

Birthday Cake - He decided to hide whilst we sang 'Happy Birthday' must have been shy!!

His very strange face whilst he attempted to blow out the candles - was hilarious

Told him to smile and this is what I got, cheeky monkey

As you can see we had a lovely day filled with lots of fun and laughter! :) and yet again another year of Corey being spoilt rotten as per usual!

On Sunday due this weekend - Corey, my other half, nanny and I will be doing something very exciting to also celebrate Corey's birthday :)

I think we plan to go Mead Open Farm which is a local petting farm, however they have a massive wonderful christmas inside heated kingdom this year :) Corey needs to see Santa in time for Christmas! He will love it. Only thing I am worried about is the fact instead of Santa giving a present, he has a 'Toy Shop' where the children get to choose a present - a brilliant money making idea however I can not see Corey leaving with just one toy!! I will do another post of this if I manage to get some good enough pictures :) so keep an eye out please.

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday! I love his answers to his birthday questionnaire, these will be great to look back on and do every year to see how his views change! Have a lovely day at the farm, sounds wonderful! X

    1. Thank you sweetie :) he did have a lovely day - he loves when all the family is together, such a cutie pie!! Didn't end up going to the farm unfourtently, just went for a meal at Frankie & Benney's instead xoxo



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