Sunday, 8 December 2013

Educating Corey

Helloo Bloggers,

So as most of you will know, my little munchkin Corey is my most favourite person in the whole entire world. I have the unfourtunate decision to decide whether I leave my job and be a stay at home mother or continue work and better myself for the future. Quite frankly, I am torn between the two and it is a decision I am not taking lightly. A decision will be made over Christmas break as I will have around 13 days off to spend with my bundle of joy!

Anyways, it has come to my attention that Corey has a very short attention spam. He is a clever little boy, with a lot of stuff he is learning at Nursery. He amazes me with some of the things he comes out with! I try at home but he refuses as he will say 'I done that last time at Nursery Mummy'. He doesn't quite understand I would love to know how far he can count etc. Plus he starts Pre-School in January, argh, scary that he is growing up too fast.

As we approach his 3rd birthday, on 19th - I decided to do a bit of Mothercare/ELC shopping for some learning goodies to help better Corey. I shall do this whether or not I am a stay at home mother.

Here is what I braught:

As for the educational posters, I need to find somewhere to put these really so may be a few weeks before I can put these up! As you can see in the pictures below, they have:

For the primary school -
Times Tables
Numbers 1-100
What's the time?
Solar System
Human Body
Map Of Europe

For the early learning -
Letters A-Z
Numbers 1-20
First Words

Corey's age range is really kind of in between both of these hence my reasoning for getting both :)

My main aim is to get Corey into a proper bedtime routine, the Health Visitor and I came up with a good plan, so i braught a reward chart so Corey is able to put his own sticker on if he goes to bed on time every night without crying. So far it has been working!

Not only that, but it seems to have helped the love life a bit as we now get a bit more time together in the evenings. Even though sometimes Corey would go to bed late before, he still always gets over 12 hours sleep a night as he won't get up until woken around 8am ready for Nursery!

Here is his reward chart:

Slow steps of just starting with Bed Time, eventually it will be a behaviour one too!

So far, in the past few days I have really enjoyed using the flash cards, he has learnt some new things :) Corey gets really stuck in his ways, so him trying to understand King and Queen when he thinks they are Boy and Girl, will take some time and patience. But after all, he is only almost 3. I am unaware on how much they would meant to know at that point anyways even though all children are different and vary. So I am not really that bothered as long as Nursery and I are happy with his development progress.

So here is what I plan to do with Corey, what do you do with your little ones? :) Any tips?

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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