Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!


Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope you all had a good time celebrating what ever you did whether that be out drinking or cosy night! :)

First post of 2014, waheeey :)

Let's start off with where the heck has 2013 gone? Literally feels like a blink of an eye! So I wanted to take a few moments to write and reflect on my 2013 and look ahead to 2014!

I stayed at home with my little family in our pyjamas and we had like a little buffet dinner and watched Despicable Me 2 MINIONS!!!! Once Corey had gone to bed, I did some blogger before the other half and I watched the London Fireworks on TV with a cheeky glass of wine. Which is where we should have been tonight. But I couldn't bare the thought of standing in the cold for all them hours. I am not really a big fan of the whole going out thing any more, probably happened only around 5/6 times in 2013 - yes that does make me boring!

Our Evening In Pictures

Plus who else's dogs went mental at all the fireworks? Had 100's all night long, do they not realise it is meant to go off at 12?!

Goodbye 2013

Well 2013 has certainly been a roller coaster ride for me, with many ups and downs. Thing I did over 2013:

SeaSide Holiday
Full-time work
Got a doggy

That was it really, but two massive things happened over Summer -

Started my Blog
Moved House

My previous flat I had lived in since December 2010 - was really hard to say goodbye to this. But I now have a beautiful two bedroom house with a garden (this was the main bit for me, somewhere to have BBQ's, Corey and doggy to play too!) It was really stressful moving as during the process I actually was very poorly and a few days later I had my emergency operation - safe to say I was the most useful person ever. An easy escape from packing and unpacking ;) I had spent many months unwell and in/out hospital. Was such a relief to finally feel better.

Next, my lovely little blog - ahh how I love the so! The absolute best part of my 2013 by far, I am so glad I actually took that step and did it back on September 2nd. At first, I was a bit reluctant due to fears of not being good enough etc. I even started out as hidden identity 'Yummy Mummy xo' as I didn't really want to share all my personal life to begin with. Yess, I know I am not 'yummy' but it's too late now - I can't turn back (or think of anything else)! After only around 2 weeks of being apart of the wonderful blogging community, yes you guys!! I felt comfortable enough to share who I am :) If you are a newbie reader to my blog, you can read my About Me page here. I have met some wonderful fellow bloggers, and am so proud of how far not only my blog has come but my writing skills too. I hope anyways! I blog for myself, and I continue to do so as generally I have noticed an improvement in myself and moods by having this little world of comfort. :)

Lots of you who are just obssessed with Instagram as I am - here is my 2013 flipagram thingy :) Really annoying as it is on constant repeat which I can not change so apologies!

Don't say I said so, but it brought tears to my other half's eyes. I guess he can be soppy at times!

Hello 2014

I am not setting myself any resolutions as such due to the fact that I do not believe in 'New Year New Me'. Yes I do have targets I have set myself for example the cliché of losing weight, this isn't because of the 'New Year' just it is time, and what better time just after Christmas ey? I will actually have a weight loss post series starting on my blog - hopefully to give me a bit of motivation to keep going :) To state this obvious, this will include healthy eating. So I shall be putting recipes on the blog - exciting!

Also, as mentioned in 2013, I was actually work however as of the 9th January 2014 I will not longer be working, which many of you may be aware from my Twitter that I handed my notification in before Christmas. I want to be at home with Corey more. I just felt that working full-time I wasn't spending enough time with him and it was breaking my heart. Especially when he would make me cry every morning when he wanted to stay at home with mummy! Due to the government funding system etc, it is actually no difference money wise for me to be in work or not - so honestly, I didn't see much point in working. Money saving tips posts will be up too :)

I will be undertaking a Nail Technician Specialist Course which I have mentioned before on this blog, I am really excited about this - as it is all I have ever wanted to do! :) I will then do some working from home with this nearer the end of the year with any luck.

Concentrating on my blog, is a big thing too. In 2013 up there, I mentioned how well I feel I have achieved in a short space of time in my blog. I continue to write and enjoy myself :) Also, attend my first ever bloggers meet - maybe even more than one!

Going back to spending more time with Corey, we will hopefully be doing nicer things together. I have written a list of realistic things I would like us to do. Things like days out, a Butlins holiday and more.

My favourite part of 2014, July will be my 21st!!

Until next time..

I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you all and look forward to what the lovely blogging journey has in store for all of us :) As you can see lots of new ideas for the blog too, so I hope you will all enjoy and continue to read my blog!

Don't forget to say Hii on Twitter too :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo



  1. Great post! Happy New Year honey! We hope it brings you lots of happiness!!!! :)))

  2. Thank you :) that is lovely to hear! Yess well I am hoping I will get the motivation if I write about it xoxo

  3. Good luck with your course and happy new year! #ShareItSundays



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