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Life Update

Hi bloggers,

Well I don't really have much inspiration to write an actual post about anything interest but here is a bit of an update on what is going on in my life at the moment.

Work Dilemma

I decided to take the plunge and take a massive step in my life by handing in my resignation. I love my job of being a teacher to adults, on an apprenticeship. However, it is too much hassle than it is worth with the small team when money wise I am better off being at home. Their isn't enough staff so most days it will be only only be myseld and one other when you have around 30-40 students to deal with that is a lot. Plus much more drama with a certain collegue who is "stressed" due to her own fault. I feel no sympathy for someone who has self inflicted causes.

But work didn't want me to leave, so I now have been given a few options. 'The ball is in my court' as the saying would go which basically means at the moment, I have the upper hand and it is my decision on where I want to go and make some suggestions, and see what they agree on. I could possibly go part time (meaning one day off a week) or I could just full on stick to my resignation and leave to be at home with my little man.

A big part of handing my notice in is because I want to be at home with Corey. He has started to cry every morning before we go to work/nursery and honestly it just breaks my little heart and makes me cry. I can't handle that anymore, Corey needs me with him - I just know it is something I need to do for myself and him.

Honestly, what would you do in my situation?

Snuggly Winter Nights

Corey is unfourtently at his dad's for the weekend, so just the boyfriend I at home. Luckily, he had the whole weekend off which is a first. As you may have noticed by my many Christmassy posts that I love this time of year. So on Saturday night, we snuggled up on the sofa with the duvet, fire on and christmas tree lights watching Santa Claus 1, 2 & 3. I am sucker for movies, and always end up sobbing with tears. My favourite is of course the 1st Santa Claus when Charlie was just a little boy and the dad became Santa. It made me cry, and my boyfriend goes "why do you always have to cry at things like this?" - well this film inparticular because of Charlie when he crys and misses his santa (daddy) well that is exactly how Corey is with me when he leaves me, he never wants to leave me in the mornings etc - hence my reasoning of my work dilemma above.

Christmas & Birthday

Well we all know Christmas is just around the corner, for me that is not just it - on the 19th my little munchkin will celebrate his 3rd Birthday! Panic time, lots of presents and arrangements to sort out over the next following days :) As it is a Thursday, we are just doing a family meal so close to Christmas everyone is so busy so no child party this year. However, I do plan to do something super amazing next weekend.

Something I am excited for is his class at Nursery have a Carol Singing afternoon on Weds which I am able to attend, have never been so excited about something!

Caught In The Act

On Saturday I decided to get my hair and eyebrows done in time for Christmas. Luckily for me my best friend R is my hairdresser. Both mum and I go together every 6 weeks, busy getting R to straighten my hair and she drops me in it by going "well now you have your GHD's it will be easier for you too" all I heard was mum going "excuse me?" - whoppsie!!! Hadn't quite told my mum that one yet.

R even does my nans hair, although she goes at a different time to mum and I. Back in July/August I decided to get a dog, 8 years old and a close family friend, her owners were to be put into a home and RSPCA had said because of her age noone would want her so they would put her down - nooo way was mum & I letting that happen. Soo, I had mentioned this to R as we have a love for dogs. What did she go and do? Told my nan - who was not impressed with mum or I.

Bloody R always dropping me in it! Makes me laugh though :) what are best friends for hey.

Weight & Acne Issues

Well as you may all know I am on the larger side, and have no motivation to lose weight at this precious moment. Ohh, how I wish I did though!

(too much information coming up!)

Every so often, I have a health visitor come see Corey and myself just to have a chat and see how things are going. I mentioned my weight and said how due to my Implant that I have is a reasoning to my high weight. Which she agreed too thankfully, she has suggested alternate contraception such as the Coil, working in a similar way as the Implant however only affective in the womb oppose to the Implant which effects the whole body. Apparently this big difference could help me lose weight. So something to think about, although the Coil just sounds very uncomfortable. (sarcasm coming) Luckily for me she had some on her to show me, like just carried them around in her diary, really? Cringe moment when Corey tried to play with it as if it were a toy! A possibility I may try though.

If it were my way I would have none so I could get pregnant, but not the right timing. I have to be on a permanent contraception so I can take my Acne medicine called Roaccutane, very strong stuff. But it works miracles, all the oils in my face go and the acne clears constantly. The biggest side effect is depression, mine was just a low mood but enough for me to stop this medicine. After a month, I am back to my happy and cheery self again but my skin is super bad again.

Another bad side effect is that you lose your sex drive, sounds silly but the hormones in it cause so many issues.

It is a very hard decision as I of course want better skin but low moods aren't something I want to suffer from. Whatever ingredient it is that drys out my skin, I want to take that without the side effects :(

First thing that has ever worked on my skin though but do I risk the low moods and other issues it has caused for me? Like jaundice!!


Well really I have none! I have so much on my mind, and not enough time in the day. I shall however, have the following posts to end 2013 -

#TheWinterProject Week 6
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#TheWinterProject Week 7
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Maybe the odd one here and there if I can think of any that come to mind anyways. With only a few more weeks left of 2013, I am sure this is enough posts to see me through to the new year :)

Until we meet again..

Hope you will all support me at these hard times of blogging and trying to manage it all, and in the new year I will continue as normal. I have seen I am not the only one who is in this tricky situation.

I will keep up to date on all the blogs I follow as I love a good late night read!

Please follow on the following sites to keep up to date - it would make my day :)


Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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