Sunday, 29 December 2013

National UK Blog Awards - Vote Now!


So many of you would of heard of National UK Blog Awards taking place in London, 2014 :) They also do #bloghour every Tuesday at 9 too, talking about various things. It really is a gooden with a bunch of lovely people so be sure to take part in the next one if you don't already. You can find their twitter here.

In total there are 14 categories, but I have entered the following:

Retail & Fashion
Young Persons (18-25)

Voting has been open since the 15th December, however, due to timing of Corey's birthday and Christmas I forgot (whoopsie!) Voting is however open until 13th January - not long left though, ahhhh.

From that point, the top 10 from each category get put forward to a 'Judging Panel' who will then Shortlist their favourites!

It would mean the absolute entire world to me if you could take a few seconds to vote for me if you do infact like my blog, pleaseee by clicking the link below :)

Vote for Yummy Mummy xo in the UK Blog Awards

Pleaseee be sure to leave a comment or leave a twitter on my twitter here - to let me know that you have done so (if you do!), so I can personally thank you :)

Also, another bonus that once you have voted - you get a free Ebook sent to your emails. A really good read featuring many bloggers stories including mine! :)

Pleaseee vote now!

This is actually my last post for 2013, what a great time it has been so far blogging since Sept :) so I hope you all have a wonderful New Year & will see you in 2014 with some really exciting posts already lined up!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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