Monday, 16 December 2013

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

Evening lovelies :)

Well this post is all about New Years Eve Outfit Ideas - the below outfits are designed and made by New Look for those with plus size figures like myself, however, I think these outfits could be for anyone :)

Plans For New Years

If you don't know already, you will realise in this post that I love London!! - literally anything to do with it :) Unsure how the obsession started but even more so now my son loves the big red buses and the black taxis.

I plan on going to London for New Years Eve hopefully any ways to view the beautiful fireworks with my boyfriend :) romantic of course under the stars with all the lights etc, my favourite the London Eye.

Corey will be having a sleepover at his nanny's for the evening as both of them will be asleep by 8 haha :)

What do you have planned?


As I plan to go to London for the fireworks, I have gone for a sensible outfit as baring in mind, it is going to be freezing cold at midnight with possible chances of rain too.

It has dawned on me that it is only round the corner before New Years Eve too, so after I write this I better get ordering online quick - silly me!!

Inspire Black Leggings - £9.99
Koko Black Shine Disco Pants - £33.00
Faux Fur Jacket - £59.99
Burgundy Lace Shirt - £14.99
Teal Cut Out Shell Top - £17.99
Wide Fit Black Low Wedges - £14.99

So as mentioned above this is my sensible clothing for New Year's Eve, I haven't decided totally yet - but either way it is pretty stylish in my opinion :) I think personally for me, I will be going for the leggings and burgundy top. Not usually one for fur coats, but this one looks lovely and cosy :) I do worry on how it could be if it got wet though? The lace on the top I think will be complimented by the fur too.

What do you think?

Honestly, I could just go in jeans etc but I want to dress up a bit so I can go for drinks before and after.


Black Clutch/Over Shoulder Bag - £12.99
Telephone Box Card Holder - £3.99
Nude Slogan Coin Purse - £3.99
London Sign Post Purse - £3.99

So this is my where my obsession of London comes in - the cute card holder for train tickets and ID, coin where 'it's what inside that counts!' - I live by this saying but I find it is a cute pun for coins/counting funny and finally the London sign posts I find cute for the notes. I think you can probably tell I like to be organised. All 3 of these go really nicely in the lovely little black handbag, perfect for a night out - especially one that involves travelling to London. A handy size, one that is big enough for a few things but small enough to be a going out bag.

Now last but not least:

Michael Kors Ladies Watch - Costing only £176 at 'The Watch Hut'

I really believe this watch is the perfect piece of jewellery to put this whole outfit together, with my London theme, I personally think it reminds me of 'Big Ben'. Although, it may just be me? Big but feminine and classy! Perfect for all occasions. - Have I said perfect a few too many times in this sentence? haha :) Don't you think it is just amazing? Certainly on my wish list for the near future! Such a fantastic price too but a company who has one of the best Customer Service!

Sensible To Sexy

Well what if you don't want to be sensible, then why not change the above a bit and go for these little picks for a night out on the town?

Black Sparkle Tube Skirt - £14.99
Black Suedette Waterfall Jacket - £29.99 (sale price)
Suedette Boots - £19.99 (similar but not exact to picture)

So add a skirt, thinner stylish jacket and a pair of heeled boots and you've got a winner either way! :)

That is it for now :) hope you lovelies have a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve! Look forward to seeing some OOTD posts from fellow bloggers!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. This is so nice, great post. A fur coat would look so cosy! Have a fab evening xxo

    1. Thank you hun :) it does look super cosy, havent had the chance to buy it yet, hopefully be in the sales hehe.& you too!! xoxo

  2. Ohh that sounds like a good idea :) I think with all this rain, I may be doing the same! xo



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