Friday, 6 December 2013

SensatioNail Review

Evening Bloggers,

So most of you may know what SensatioNail is, I went for the Deluxe Starter Kit - worth £105 at Boots. However, I was lucky enjoy to grab it for only £45 in the Black Friday Sales!! What a bargain right? :)

WARNING - Pleasee excuse the very poor pictures, I have seem to have misplaced my battery charger so settling with iphone camera, bad move!

Here is the set I got:

Included was:

This is - LED lamp, 2 full size colour polishes - Taupe Tulips & Sugar Plum, base/top coat, cleanser, primer, pack of 12 Lint-free wipes & buffer plus the removal tool.

I first tried the Sugar Plum, ready for my Christmas Work Do that evening, it was easy and quick application. Leaflet says "no dry time" which isn't true, you do need a couple of minutes - but no more! I was very impressed with the process etc.

Here is how they turned out:

Pretty impressive eyy? :) First attempt, so not perfect.

Now apparently, these are meant to last 2 weeks but I didn't wear them long enough as the next day I picked it off (nasty irritating habit of mine!) Quite frankly, it was far too easy then it should have been. I was silly enough to not purpose the Removal Kit, I strongly suggest you buy this along with your starter kit if you go ahead and buy things :) Alternatively, you can use acetone to soak the Gel polish off.

I have also tried the Taupe Tulips colour, which I highly recommend, as a beautiful natural colour! I forgot to snap a picture of this, but will add as soon as I re-do over the weekend.

What do you girlies think? Worth an investment?

Let me know your thoughts please :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. This sounds like fab value for money!!! I hardly ever get nice nails done but yours look gorgeous, fab colour xxx

    1. It is at the price I got it but full price of £105 is a bit over priced - I certainly wouldn't be able to afford that!! Thankyou :) it is a very good kit, perfect colour for winter. I never get mine done either, wish I did though! xo

  2. I would love to buy this but with my student budget I can't justify it...
    Sad times for me but they look lovely.
    One day I'll treat myself to them

    x x

    1. Ohhh I know, I have been waiting to treat myself for ages to these! Only did at the sale price, would never justify full price for these! Would be worth it though if it goes in the sale again :) xo



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