Tuesday, 10 December 2013

#TheWinterProject - Week 5

Hellooo Bloggers,

This is the 5th of #TheWinterProject created by the wonderful Kellie Saunders who has a post all about this project on this link here.

They will be up every week on Tuesday's, posts going live at 6pm - so don't forget to come back regularly to check my posts please :)

Week 1 - Fav Winter Nails - Link Here

Week 2 - Winter Accessories - Link Here

Week 3 - Winter Scents - Link Here

Week 4 - Christmas Present Ideas - Link Here

Week 5 - Christmas Accessory

Fav Winter Accessory

WARNING - Very bad picture quality! haha

I am not a big person for the big jewellery or anything like that, but really what is on my wishlist is a Pandora bracelet:

Next up is a beautiful Santa Scarf, I have braught this for myself but seem have misplaced it, grrr!!

From New Look costing only £7.99 - however out of stock.

Close up - It really is a cutie :) maybe you are not into the whole Christmas Jumper, so why not add to a plain outfit to this beautiful Santa Scarf or a similar Christmassy scarf! I deffiently think it is a must have.

Leave your links if you done #TheWinterProject for me to have a look please :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


  1. What a gorgeous bracelet and I love that scarf! Fab post :)

    1. thank you Kellie :) ohhh I really do love this bracelet, it will be one of those things that I always wish for xoxo



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