Saturday, 28 December 2013

#TheWinterProject - Week 7


Super late once again, sorrrry guys!!

This is the 7th of #TheWinterProject created by the wonderful Kellie Saunders who has a post all about this project on this link here.

They will be up every week on Tuesday's, posts going live at 6pm - so don't forget to come back regularly to check my posts please :)

Week 1 - Fav Winter Nails - Link Here

Week 2 - Winter Accessories - Link Here

Week 3 - Winter Scents - Link Here

Week 4 - Christmas Present Ideas - Link Here

Week 5 - Christmas Accessory - Link Here

Week 6 - Fav Products for a Christmas make-up look - Link Here

Week 7 - Christmas OOTD

Christmas OOTD

Well I am not really a big one on fashion and I don't take OOTD pictures as sadly I do not feel comfortable with my body. But I did do a selfie of me on Christmas so here that is:

As per usual on my blog, rubbish quality picture due to Iphone - apologies.

So I had this Santa scarf from New Look, which I actually posted about for my #TheWinterProject - Week 2 Winter Accesories. I paired it with jeans and a black cardy. Boring but comfy :)


Well this is the final #TheWinterProject - sad for it to end :( been lovely posting various Winter & Christmas posts as my favourite time of year :) Thank you to the amazing Kellie for orgainising such a great Project!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo

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