Saturday, 25 January 2014

5 Years of Valentines Past


Valentine's Day is fast approaching for 2014 on February 14th - I have to admit this is my most favourite time of the year :) I am all about love, a hopeless romance as some might say!

I don't have any bad date stories to tell nor do I have any fantastic ones to share either, so I decided to go with '5 Years Of Valentines Past' - something a bit different so here we go:


Please bare in mind I was only 15 years old, last year of school and first ever proper boyfriend. Had only been together for probably not even a month when it came round to Valentine's Day - I was stupid, young and supposedly in love at the time. It was snowing,so super cold and he had work at good old Primark during the day, so we went back to his for a take away and movies before both of us falling asleep on the sofa at around midnight. Life of the party!


Second boyfriend, been together roughly 2 months and was finally understanding the true meaning of love (not like the first boyfriend!). My first proper date, took me to a lovely little Italian restaurant in my local town. Was soo cute, their was flowers, balloons etc! Then on the way home, we had a long walk down the beautiful river to his home where we spent the rest of the evening watching movies!


Just over a year into the relationship, by this point we had our own flat and a precious little Corey munchkin. One of the mum's had volunteered to have Corey for the evening, can't remember which one. I was surprised with decorated dinner table, candles, flowers - the lot and home made Carbonara :)


By this point I was sadly single so a girls night out it was :) Thankful for my lovely friends, we all went out to the local club and had a very drunken night. The club had wristbands, depending on the colour depended on your situation (yellow - undecided, red - taken, green - single)! Was a good night out - here is a couple of pictures of skinny me enjoying life -

I have blurred out the faces of my friends

Not long after on leap year 29th February I got with my wonderful other half who still remains to this day which lead to the next year:


Well it was our first valentines day together, almost our first anniversary - sadly we didn't do anything. Besides actually we went to Woburn Safari Park (which kind of explains what it is really!) for the day. It still upsets me we didn't really do much though. However, we did actually buy eachother a fair bit, so here is what I got:

Presents Corey got me - I almost got myself the rose & pillow, luckily I didn't as "Corey" knew me well :) lovely gifts which I still treasure to this day!

My beautiful presents - flowers, balloons, Moet Rose Champagne, Vera Wang Champagne flute glasses, Michael Kors Watch, Tiffany bracelet, Pandora bracelet & charms, Me to You teddy and finally Vera Wang perfume :) very spoilt!

Heart shaped chocolates and cake that I made :) going to recreate again this year! (with better decorating skills)

What to expect in 2014? *hint to the boyfriend*

Our firsts together of Christmas, Valentine's and Anniversary we actually now realised we must of spent well far too much on each other - from that point on we didn't do following Birthday & Christmas (this one just gone!). I am a bit spoilt to be honest, and I have said that this year as a joint 2nd Anniversary/Valentines day I want to do something :) So have told him he better get planning - I hope he realises how deadly serious I am being too! So I will be sure to post all about this after the day - might not be until late Feb/March though due to our Anniversary being on Leap Year (which doesn't exist this year, boo!)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. This is such a cute post love it xx

  2. aaah this is such a sweet post! i've never had a special valentines!! haha but i do love reading about other peoples! :)

  3. We will be in Amsterdam this year, hopefully the weather will be better thank in Blighty :)



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