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Well I have been kindly sent a FiloFax to review on my blog - I can not even explain how much I love them & have always wanted to try one. Very exciting :)



Size: Personal
Measurements:Height - 188mm, Width - 134mm and Depth - 44mm
Price: £60
Material: Leather
Colour: Fluoro Pink
Contents: Yearly Diary (Week Over 2 Pages), Ruler/Page Marker, Different Coloured Ruled Paper, Contacts, Personal Information, Lots of European Facts (Measurement Sizes, Bank Holidays etc), Notepad, Transparent Envelope - kind of like a plastic wallet!


These are some extra goodies that I am going to buy for myself to add to my Filofax to get ensure maximum usage :)

Calcuator: £14
Organisational Stickers: £2.50
Sticky Notes: £4.50
Ballpen £20

Products By FiloFax

These are all the products/ranges that FiloFax offer on their website here.

Personal Organisers
Organiser Paper & Accessories
Organiser Refills
Bags, Briefcases & Accessories
Portfolios & Folders
Pens & Pencils
eAccessories (Ipad covers etc!)

Be sure to check all of these out a they're great!

Overall Thoughts

Handy Size

Bright Colour Pink (depending on your taste of course!)
Expensive Cost

Well, what can I say? It is super handy and stylish. The size is great and ideal for my lifestyle, however a business person would certainly need the A5 or even the A4. I shall be using mine for blogging events, birthdays and personal meet ups etc. :) So exciting and received it just in the nick of time for New Years - how handy is that! After opening, I was a bit shocked by how bright the Pink really is, it really is neon pink. As the first day went on, I had got used to it but be sure to bare this in mind. If I were to use a FiloFax for work, it would have been plain old boring black plus a bigger size.

Don't forget to head over to their site to get yours now - Link Here.

Have you already got one or plan too now? I would love to know!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo


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  1. I have a blue filofax and I love everything about it.
    A must have for helping me keep organised

    Leah @



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