Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I Need Your Help - Blog Name Change Vote!


So today this is a bit of a different post, I am asking for your help! Some of you on Twitter will already be aware of this, but I would like a blog name change. 'Yummy Mummy' was something I thought of out of the blue, as I have always liked the phrase and especially the Pink Lining bags all us mummies will know about. It was also at first something to hide my identity as such as I didn't reveal who I was for the first few weeks of blogging as I wasn't sure how well it would go etc. Anyways I now feel as if my blog name is not something I want to continue with for the rest of my blogging journey however long or short that may be.

I have been thinking and thinking of names etc, sometimes some really good ones which I was 100% on but these were already taken :( I will be keeping the little logo of lady & boy, but possibly add some more bits too depending on the name change. So will be looking for someone to have a play with my design! I will also be looking to do an actual domain for my blog, so anyone who wants to help with that please go ahead and give some advice as I have no idea where to even start with that!

Plus also I feel as if not many beauty and fashion bloggers may be attracted to my blog due to the name, I want to appeal to all range of bloggers as my blog is a bit of a mishmash of everything. But please be sure to let me know all of your thoughts or if you think I should stick to what I have now.

Obviously, some of my regular readers will know I write about all things parenting, beauty, lifestyle and fashion. But most importantly I am a mummy to Corey, and this is the best part of my life which defines me the most I think so my blog and it's name has to portray that in some way whether its the design etc :)

Just encase you are wondering, I am getting you lovely people involved too because I am really stuck on ideas and it certainly will help to have others opinions!

Here are my options some lovely friends on Twitter and I have thought of, please vote for one or if you have any other suggestions these are extremely welcome and please state in the comments below along with your blog link for me to say thank you :D

Pretty pleaseee vote for your favourite or leave a suggestion for another :)
pollcode.com free polls 

Went for a super pretty poll - bit girly but I likee it!

I hope you voted :) once this change has been done & sorted I am going to have a massive give-away to say thank you for all my lovely fellows and the help you have given so keep an eye out :)

Love, Gemma xo



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