Monday, 20 January 2014

Life As An Unemployed Mummy


A few months ago, October, to be exact. I wrote a post all about 'Life As A Working Mummy' which you can see here.

However, many of you will be aware if you follow my blog regularly or have me on twitter that just before Christmas I handed in my resignation. My reasons for leaving work:

Wanting to spend more time at home with Corey
The company not actually providing any training even though on apprenticeship low wage
Due to weird benefit system, actually money wise better off at home then working full-time

So as you can see, really, what would you do in the situation? :) Pretty obvious for me anyways!

My boss didn't want me to leave so they offered me minimum wage and training, however when I asked for this in writing I was ignored. So didn't want me that much after all ey? Quite honestly, not to be big headed although it does make me feel good aha. But it was a very small team and I was one of the only permanent loyal full-time worker there who always worked the most - they are fully aware on how much work won't get done as I won't be there to do it! But I was an apprentice, basically doing all the work? Not worth the money I was getting paid.

Honestly, on my last day I was sad to leave and worried I had made the wrong judgement. But certain things on that day proved to me that I was making the right decision! No present, card or even a goodbye. It is a very big change, however one that I am glad I have made :)

Out with the old, in with the new

As mentioned I want to spend more time with Corey. He had got to the stage where he was crying every day to go to Nursery which also resulted in me almost crying - it was totally heart breaking. My last week, he started pre-school so his hours have been cut to the minimum 15 hours :) But as he says he is a 'big boy' now and 'big boys dont cry'! - suprisingly this has worked!

We plan to do lots of fun things and I also plan to teach him things too which you can read about here 'Educating Corey' post. I haven't really thought about this too much yet as I am still on my first week of unemployment (the relaxing stage!) but we do have a list of things we want to do this year:

Butlins Skegness
London Aquarium & London Eye
Birmingham Aquarium
Cadbury's World
London Zoo
Harrod's Disney Cafe (close enough to the real thing?)

I have set realistic things we can do, as I don't like to be disappointed! Plus we are going to be going on lots of walks to the park every week so I can get plenty of exercise - maybe when the weather is a bit better though? Plus in the town I live in we have something called 'Kids World' which is a super amazing indoor soft play centre. We haven't been in over a year due to working so it will be very exciting now he is old enough to play in the big section. Corey likes to call it 'Boys World' so mummy isn't allowed as I am a girl - thanks Corey! :(

Another thing I am hoping for is that being at home will help my relationship, both of us working full-time was a lot of pressure. We didn't have much time for things together or cleaning etc, it caused many arguments due to grumpiness on both part. I will be home every day to do the chores and cook dinner etc - without being exhausted I will have time. Plus we will have more time to spend together his days off are in the week - family quality time!

Here is our first outing with me as the unemployed to 'Kids World' :)

Here he is playing with my camera, taking photos etc - wrapped up warm before a walk out!

Money is pretty much going to be the same as when I was working, however, I always used to end up skint when I shouldn't have as after my bills/rent go out I should have had more than enough left over - so this is also the start of being very tight and on a sort of spending ban. I plan to save up for engagement/wedding and also most importantly pay off debt to grandparents! I will have posts sometime in the near future on money saving tips too :) Briefly though I am ensuring food shopping is planned, no takeaways and no goodies!

I am also going to be concentrating on my weight alot which you can read about here on my 'Weight Loss' post.

Sometimes when people see that others are unemployed stay at home mums, they think lazyyy. Some people will see the title of this post and think 'er another young mum not working' which is unfortunately the cruel judgemental world we live in. But if you read my story here today you will see that I do have very valid reasoning's behind it all. Yes, I have also loved being a working mummy too, one day I will again too :) I don't plan to sit on my ass all day long. Being a stay at home mum, is a blessing if you can afford too :) who would turn down quality time with their child?

Many of you will know that I am saving up to undertake a course as a Nail Technician as this is my dream job :) For now, I will be practising my nail art, so keep an eye out as lots of future posts planned/in the making!

That is it for now, I will keep you up to date on days out etc with Corey :) - love these sort of posts & can not wait to share mine too!

Love, Yummy Mummy xo



  1. Good on you hun! Life's too short to be unhappy! I've made the same decision to stay at home with my son, it makes sense financially and I love being able to see him grow and learn while I'm there.
    I think we 'stay at home mums' get a bad name due to a small few that make us look like all we do is sit around, sadly some people actually don't put the effort in and the hard working mums are put in the same category as them. I'm personally rushed off my feet most of the day. I get to do my own thing for a small part of the day that Mason is eating in his chair or napping. It's a tough job! But so worth it!

    Great post!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. I say good for you, you have to make the best decision for you and your gorgeous boy! It's great that it also means you get to follow your dream of becoming a nail technician, I can't wait to see the nail art posts! Good luck to you and your little man, I really hope you enjoy spending even more quality time together :) L xo

  3. You're not unemployed hun! Being a mum is the best and most important job in the world. Good on you putting your son and your partner first - I see it worse really when parents are never there to spend time with their children.

    You have a lovely blog! Thanks for sending me your link in last night's chat! I've followed you now on Bloglovin' so can't wait to read more! I'm over at if you fancied a peek!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  4. You're not unemployed! Being a sahm is the best (and hardest) job in the world x

  5. A brave move but clearly one that is best for you and your family. The first few years at home with your child are priceless and once them years are gone there gone so enjoy every minute. xx



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