Monday, 27 January 2014

Nail Art Goodies & Treats


So if you read my blog on a regular basis you will know that I recently left work to be a 'stay at home mum' - promise last time I am going to mention it! But you will also know that I am saving up to do a course in my dream job as a Nail Technician. It may take a while to save, so I thought I would get some supplies so I can get some practising in at home especially on the Nail Art as I have never really done it before? Got to start somewhere though!

This is what I got:

Poor quality photo as I didn't have much time to get all the proper bits out to do it - apologies!


Nail Art Practise Wheels
15 Brushes, 4 Dotting Tools Set
Striping Tape
Paint Pallet

Nail Art

Acrylic Paint Set
4 Barry M Pens - White, Black, Pink, Silver
1 Models Own Pen - Black
6 Technique Colour Pens
1 Models Own Erase Pen
Sally Hansen Correct & Repair Pen

Nail Varnishes

Sally Hansen French Manicure Duo Set
Revlon Chalkboard Nail Varnish & Nail Art Duo
2 Models Own
2 Essie
1 Barry M
3 L'Oreal Paris Riche
1 Sally Hansen Micarle Shine Top Coat
1 Models Own 5 in 1 Top Coat
1 Miss Sporty White Tip
1 Cutex Nail Whitener

So roughly all of these cost me around £60 as I did some bargain hunting. Various purchases from Amazon, Ebay, Frangrance Direct and Boots. It may seem a lot, but you can see how much I actually got for my money!

So be prepared to see lots of Nail posts! Well maybe once I got some practise first anyways.

There is a new project starting actually this week #nailartweeklyproject :) By Danni at Gingerbread Smiles. It's a 5 week challenge with a theme every week so keep an eye out on here for mine, first one later this week :)

Gingerbread Smiles

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. That's so exciting! I'd love to train as well! I'd love to see some individual reviews of your purchases and look forward to seeing lots of your nail art designs :) xx



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