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Weight Loss #2


Well my last 'Weight Loss' post was so long ago, back on the 3rd Oct 2013! - Link Here.

What is even more embarrassing is that I have put on even more weight since then. But as of January, I shall no longer be working (a big part of my stress, well same for everyone ey?) and I am determined I WILL lose weight. Even over Christmas week I lost 4lbs - how? I don't even know hehe.

I will be able to get into more of a structured routine, eat regular 3 meals a day and do more exercise like walks to the park with Corey etc :) All going well, I plan to get a referal from the Doctor for free gym membership - I don't want to commit to this until I am 100% sure I will continue. I used to love going to the Gym last time I was out of work and skinny, this was way back 2011/2012.

I won't tell you my actual weight but my goal weight is 14st, this still seems like a big amount. But for myself, I will be a comfortable size 12/14, if I were to go to anything lower back from before I had Corey then I would just look horrendously far too skinny even though I still would technically be classed as over weight.

Here I am at my desired weight 2 years ago:

My weight has been up and down ever since I was a child, and being contionusely bullied for this didn't help either. At school I was the fat ginger girl who had bad acne - not really much going for myself there. But frankly, now I have learnt that I do not even care. I am loosing weight for myself, so I can feel good about myself and be a bit healthier too. Nicer fashion would be good too! I got rid of the ginger hair back at 15 ish, and so glad I did. As well as undergoing some serious treatment for my acne. Thinks are all coming together for me :)

As mentioned I am doing this for my health, but 2 other reasons are eventually on my wedding day I want to feel and look like a princess and when I have a next child, it can cause issues being so plus size. Even in August, I underwent surgery to remove my gallbladder, this was a result of torturing my body from the drastic up and down weights I have put my body through. I have ranged from size 12-22 about 4 times in 3 years - not good!! Since this operation, I do have to be careful on what I eat as I can not eat as much fatty things, my portions are smaller and cutting out snacks in between (well trying too!).

My main issue is that usually when I used to lose weight, I would just starve myself. This was fine when Corey was younger and eating out of baby weaning jars, plus me being single. Whilst working, I would be so tired after that I couldn't be bothered to cook so now I am not working I have all the time in the world. But now I have a family I need to feed too, I am not going to cook for them and not eat it myself. So I plan to hopefully do some food recipe posts on meals to feed the family on a budget too of course :) Especially, using the Slow Cooker I got for Christmas which you can see here.

This isn't a New Years Resolution, it's just good timing to start after Christmas. I am not doing this for 'New Year, New Me' - I am doing this for me!! This post has really been inspired by Jules at Lippy Likes. She had a post all about weight loss, and had a link to this amazing website called Model My Diet. You enter your actual weight and goal weight, it creates virtual models of you to illustrate what you look like and could look like. This is my results:

left - me now
right - goal weight

Even though I feel much more fatter than it shows on the picture of me now, at a size 22 - yuk! As you can see from the picture above of my actual self a 12/14 is a perfect suit for me :)

Seeing these, and reminiscing on old photos of skinny me, has really given me more inspiration to go for it. I need to work hard on this for myself! :) fingers crossed I WILL do it!!

There has been soo much talk about weights etc in the news and all over my twitter feed recently. I even found myself in a heated talk with a fellow blogger over it. But at the end of the day, I don't think it matters what size a person is and I certainly do not judge someone by their weight or size. I also don't think people should promote being 'fat' or 'skinny' neither are good. The main essential to life is having a healthy lifestyle by eating better, cutting out the snacks etc with regular exercise. What ever works for one, may not work for another. Plus the fact that whatever someone weighs has nothing to do with another person, not our body, so shouldn't make judgement.

As mentioned the smallest I have been is a size 12, yet what none of you will know, this at the age of 15 - I had actually had an eating disorder. You wouldn't tell this by the size I am now, but I did suffer with Bulimia. Which I thankfully overcame, but a reason to why I can not do diets such as shakes or detox's - because I have in the past, and I have been close to relapsing. Alot of people assume eating disorders are for people who are super skinny, no I was a size 12. This is why I do not judge someone, because you never know their true story and everyone is different.

Being a size 12 for myself as stated above is still classed as over weight for my height etc, as it is roughly 14 stone. Where on most occasions, those who are similar size would be probably roughly 10/11 stone. Big difference but who cares :) I know what I look and feel good as for myself.

There is a weight loss community for bloggers just started which I haven't joined because as happy as I am for everyone trying to be healthier etc and it certainly isn't a competition but I would be gutted if I didn't do so well. Which could result in myself losing motivation. However, best of luck to everyone trying to a bit healthier this year :)

Love, Yummy Mummy xo



  1. Thank you lovely :) Can't wait to read your post too, certainly can give eachother motivation! It does help to being able to feel better about yourself. Good luck too :) xoxoxo

  2. Great post and inspiring! I like you have yo yo'd with my weight for many years! The smallest I've been is also 12-14. I would love to get back to that size but lacking motivation! Good luck, I hope I can follow in your weight loss footsteps :))x

  3. I hope so too hunny, still nothing yet a month on - boo :( xxx



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