Thursday, 23 January 2014

Weight Loss #3


So you will be able to see my last 'Weight Loss #2' on this link here which I posted 11 days ago now! So it hasn't been long and I am sad to report that I have not lost any weight, but I have also not gained any so at least that is something.

It hasn't been long since I left my job, instead of going full force into basically changing my whole life around (weight, family life, routine etc) I decided to do it all slowly and gradually. Never really done this before. But I feel as if I had gone right thats it, then I would have quit after a few days. I haven't joined weight watchers or anything like that. I am simply losing weight by healthy eating and regular exercise.

So far I have cut out the snacks in between meals, yay me! However, my meal portions are still a bit on the large size which I plan to cut down gradually now :) Also, the exercise is about to begin, I have gone and bought exercise clothes - I didn't have many to spend so well it is actually on my Littlewoods Finance (sorry mum!) but it's the only way!

Anyways, here is what I got:

Nike Legend Loose Pants - Black & ASOS plain tops

Such a straight pose aha, don't like looking at myself in these angles! I spent hours trying to find pants, I should have really gone for cuff ones but these will do now - hopefully I won't trip up! I would have gone for the larger size if they had it in stock, but I am glad I didn't as these fit okay, and well with the intention to lose weight don't want them too big. Yes I went for all black, I am one of them girls - it is slimming (ish)!

Adidas Arianna II Ladies Gym Trainers

These were no nicest and one of the cheapest I could find, very plain and pretty! Haven't had proper trainers in well I have no many idea on how many years, these will do just nicely :)

Intimates Solutions Sports Bra (Black & White)

So, I thought I would give Sports Bras a go, usually my every day wear bra is super padded, underwired etc. Which clearly isn't practical for exercise, These bra's are super comfy, I am impressed only downside is I don't like have a smaller chest but not much I can do about that aha.

Corey goes to Pre-School 2 days a week, so in these mornings I shall be taking either a power walk or a jog. This morning I did plan on going on a long walk, which is the best way for me as I can walk for ages. A slow but effective way to get into exercising! However, typical the weather was absolutely bloody awful so my plans were ruined. I have a cross trainer in my bedroom, covered in cob webs (not literally!) as it never gets used. But I had to do something. I began by doing a few stretches at home, although I felt like I was doing a bit of yoga - necessary non the less. Didn't fancy getting a stitch or pulling a muscle after 10 minutes of exercise! Then the cross trainer, I am going to sadly admit this well didn't go so well. I only lasted 10 minutes as it was just too intense for me to start off with and hurt me in places where I had an operation a few months ago. Walking is my preferred method to ease into getting healthy again, so I shall try again Saturday if the weather decides to behave for me. I won't give up!

I am very disappointed in the whole really with the bloody weather & my poor efforts! The worse thing of all, 2 hours later it stopped raining but I had already started with my list of housework! However, I want to get healthy & lose weight in a slow gradual healthy way so I am not going to panic too much but this little set back!

Soon I will be changing my blog name which is in the process, you can read about it here. So I hope this doesn't confuse too much but I no longer wanted to be 'Yummy Mummy' :) I will still be posting and being as normal etc. Just a new name, design and domain.

Love, Gemma xo



  1. hey i'm trying to lose weight too- i know what you mean about the cross trainer thing! I'm trying to combine going on mine 4 x a week for 30 mins (burns around 600 calories) with a low carb diet and so far it's working pretty well! good luck with yours x

    1. ohh sounds good hunny :) good luck with your weight loss, hope it goes well!! xxx

  2. thanks hunny :) that really is a sweet comment and made me feel not so bad about not having weight loss! I would love to do walking, but weather is not as good at the moment making it a bit difficult :( Xxx

  3. this sounds like a good way but don't think I would be able to keep up with myself although I am sure it is better when you get used to it :) good luck with it all hunny! going to look at that app now xxx



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