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My Pregnancy & Birth Story


I am 20 years young, a newly stay at home mummy with a 3 year old cheeky monkey Corey Lucas! Here is us recently in October 2013

Here we go, it is a long one so be prepared:


Aged 16 at beginning of pregnancy, turned 17 in the July.

June/July 2010

So for ages I had been feeling unwell, I took tests (lots!) and all negative. Even mum was like 'are you pregnant?' - obviously I said no as I had taken tests.

One day I thought this is silly, something is wrong so I went to the nurse - this was a Wednesday. I done the usual routine of a urine sample, she was checking some sort of levels of something with lots of stick thingys. Then was talking to me about pregnancy. Baring in mind I was currently on the implant so had no reason to think I was pregnant so slightly confused by her questions. I think I remember replying saying something like 'well it wouldn't be the end of the world' and she was replied with 'thats good as your pregnant!'

By this point I was just gobsmacked and confused, so we spoke for a while and worked out dates etc. I was already past my first trimester. Luckily, my best friend was outside waiting for me - I was still in shock, tears in my eyes and hands shaking. My boyfriend, well we had been together for 6 months at this point, things were good - my first proper love. I was working full-time in Pizza Hut Kitchen and straight after every evening he would pick me up and take me to his house. This day was no different, it was super sunny so had a BBQ with his family, then it was just us two in the garden. I was super nervous and frankly I was quite horrible to him, just few remarks like taking the piss etc. Don't know why I done that? He knew something was up. So in the end, we had to go to his room for me to tell him. I was sooo scared, erm he kind of didn't talk to me for a while. But I had already made up my mind, I was keeping the baby!

Due Date - 29th Jan 2011

That weekend, me and three of my bestest friends were going away for our first weekend away together to 'T4 On The Beach' in Weston Super-Mare (a long way from home!). It was supposed to be a drunken weekend, obviously I didn't drink in the end - neither did the others in support of me! On the Monday, it was our last day and we were travelling home having a Tesco breakfast. Yummy! Well no, they all munched through their full english breakfasts whilst I had my first ever morning sickness so had a plain roll with jam. Sucks!

4 hours later, we were finally home after like 3 train rides. I decided it was time to tell the mum. Boyfriend had jetted off to his Magaluf, luckily he was a geek so was with his best mate, older sister and his mum haha (nothing for me to really worry about!). So I showed mum the test, I was absolutely bricking it expecting a bollocking. But we jetted off to Tesco straight away to get me some vitamins, lucky me! As we were walking to the car, brother was in the garage smoking a fag, and mum just goes 'Gem is pregnant' just as casual as that, they all seemed fine. Not what I expected at all!

I had my 17th birthday whilst boyfriend was on his holiday, 4 days later he arrived home on his 19th birthday. The day after was our first scan, I was so scared. I had no idea what to expect. It went great, was super emotional and I have never been so happy when I first set my eyes on that little bean in my belly and here is the scan:

Couple of months went by smoothly, I enjoyed my pregnancy and was just working through etc. End of September, came the 2nd scan to find out the sex of the baby. Lady hadn't told us sex, so at the end I was like we do find out don't we? As I was pretty sure I had seen some man bits a few minutes before. She confirmed it was a boy. Frankly, for a split second I was a little saddened as I honestly thought I was having a girl but then I snapped out of stupidity and got exciting about a bubba boy! 2nd Scan with the evil skeleton:

Again a few months went by, we were looking for flats etc. Really I had my heart set on my mum's flat which she was renting out to my Uncle, he text one day wanting to find a new place as he knew I wanted it. YAAAY! So we planned to move in on 5th Dec, I also started my maternity the same time - yes 8 weeks early. I decided it was a good time, to enjoy christmas and sort out my flat with enough time to relax and I had a feeling I would have an early child (2 weeks etc)

The whole time I had such a wonderful supportive family, boyfriend and in laws - everyone was absolutely great :)

Until this point I had a very easy quick pregnancy, as I only knew of my pregnancy from 12 weeks, and only had 22 weeks after that. Doesn't seem like long really. I was only physically sick around twice and didn't have any pregnancy problems. Very lucky!!

The Birth

December 2010

Something I hadn't really told anyone was that I never felt the baby kick etc. Only once! I could hear the heart beat at home and every time I went to see the midwife but I didn't want to worry so I ignored it. But I did secretly panic as every time I went to the midwife, she could never tell his size as he was super small so at 33 week appointment she was like okay next time I will get you a scan if he was still in breech position.

On the 15th December, a Wednesday the boyfriend and my mum started to get super worried as I was swelling up massively in the middle of the night. So I just went into a local walk in centre who took my blood pressure which was super high, so did another urine sample and my sugar levels were not normal.

Maybe something I should have mentioned before is I was super high risk for Pre-Eclampsia which let's face it is a big worry for all pregnant ladies.

So I was rushed to hospital, they immediately diagnosed me and kept close eye. That evening the doctor told me I was most likely going to have my baby at some point in the next week. PANIC!! But the doctors do their rounds after visitor times? So I was all alone, crying my eyes out.

The next few days were a bit touch and go. They wanted to keep baby bean inside me for as long as possible, 37 weeks and then induce me. But it just wasn't possible. Sunday 19th, I had my cousin and her boyfriend visiting me, but I became unwell very quickly deteriorating. Everything was swelling up including my throat, nurse just said well it's only your glands. But cousin's boyfriend he was very worried and as a boy didn't deal with it well so demanded a doctor, who straight away said I needed to be rushed to surgery.

In the waiting room, I had my mum, boyfriend, his mum and my dad. (no idea why dad was there, we didn't speak much!). Emergency Cesarean - the one thing I didn't want, never having surgery before. I went to sleep at 6.30pm, Corey was born at 6.45pm and I woke around 7.10pm apparently. I don't remember much, just remember shouting 'I'm bleeding I'm bleeding' really panicking as I felt like I had been shot down below (tmi!). Finally, I came round a bit, they told me Corey had been taken to Neonatal Ward, he was fine and being checked over. He needed no resuscitation or anything. Everyone had seen him except me!! I remember both my parents coming in to see how I was doing. My mum told me at a later date that my dad actually asked if I was drunk?! Yes dad, just gave birth but I am plastered out my face. What a plonker!


Weighing 4lb1oz born 6 weeks early on 19th December 2010 at 6.45pm.

Welcome to world baby Corey! :)

The whole pregnancy I didn't like the name Corey. I wasn't the only one as neither did any of my family or friends. But the boyfriend and his friends were so set on it, something to do with a greebo band lead singer. I spent so long disagreeing with it that it actually grew on us all. Now I couldn't think of anything better that suits Corey besides that. Although literally just a couple of days ago I realised Jay Z middle name is Corey haha :)


So as I just said, everyone had seen Corey before I did. I got shown that picture whilst I was trying to get round from being knocked out still. At 1am I was ready to go back to the maternity ward, we took a bypass to Neonatal Ward for me to see him. Frankly, I was so tired and laying in a bed I don't really remember it. The next day they forced me to get out of bed, it stressed me out so much I called the boyfriend and mum to come help me as they were both at work! I couldn't get up, it took me at least an hour with lots of help, when I finally managed I kind of collapsed as the pain was soo bad. I had to lean on someone for around 10 minutes. I got to go over to Neonatal Ward finally, to see Corey!! Here is my first cuddle, the most perfect moment of my entire life:

The next few days were hard, Corey was ill with some sort of gastric problem. Possibly a hole in the stomach due to not being fully developed. However, because the X-Ray's were showing up with bubbles of gas, they couldn't actually see. They treated him with antibiotics and Gaviscon with no milk to hopefully improve the situation. They started to talk about an operation on Christmas Day.

Thank god, that my little beauty did get better and didn't need an operation. He was still weak of course, but slowly on the mend. My little brave man!

When I tried to get up that first day, after my visit to Corey. I must have stayed there for around 6 hours and it was bed time again as I still had lots of recovering to do. The nurses realised I wasn't given pain killers the night before, at all. The bastards! So I was fully dozed up regularly this following night and I shouldn't admit this but it felt good and I slept like a bubba.

I was a very slow recover, it took me around 6 months to be fully recovered not the normal 6 weeks. First few weeks after were hell though, my legs swelled up like balloons - I went up a shoe size & could only fit in my maternity stretch work trousers as my calves were just like solid rock.

But one thing I must say, I applaud all those mother's who go home like 2 days later after a Cesarean with the baby too - I don't know how you do it, I wouldn't of been able too!

Corey recovered over time, here is a couple of pictures of his stay:

I can't really tell you too much about this time, as I must have blocked it out or something as I just can't remember. I spent every day there, having lots of cuddles and shed many tears.

I do remember though because of him being a premature baby, we had one of the senior nurses come to our house before his arrival home to teach us First Aid on a pretend dummy baby.

Home Time

January 2011

Corey came home three and a bit weeks later. So we had planned for him to come home on the Monday but the weekend before, to say the least we were cursed with bad luck. Our water and heating broke, then his dad crashed the car and wrote it off. He was fine, I was relieved as it was an old banger so I was glad we could get a nice new car for Corey's arrival home! So because the water couldn't be fixed until the Monday, we postponed Corey coming home until the following day. The evening before, I was rushed to hospital in the middle of the night - I was in agonising pain. I think my body thought it was giving birth - no idea really? It felt like contractions a bit, but ahh it was awful.

After that stressful nightmare, finally we got to take him home. This is when his dad took paternity leave to help me out etc, we agreed this would be best. Here he is :)

Death Scare

Yes, you did read that title right. The worst, most terrifying time of my life. That precious little tiny baby that I created almost died in my arms. This is the bit where I have to try hold back the tears.

I remember it very clearly, 2 weeks after Corey had came home. His dad had returned back to work for the very first day then went to his brother's after to have a catch up. I wanted him home as Corey had sniffles all weekend, but I started to get worried. Corey was starting to go very purple. So he rushed back home but Corey had perked up a little bit.

During the day, we had taken him to the doctor first thing to get these sniffles sorted out, just encase. He really didn't know much about premature babies so sent us to the Hospital Day Unit, who brushed it off as a cold, nothing serious. Well you lying idiots..

So his dad got on with some college work on the computer, I was just sitting on my bed cuddling Corey in my arms. He was so small and cute, I was just embracing how good my life was at that moment. When I realised that everything I moved, Corey had some really red mark appear on his forehead - hard to explain, but as if all the blood was rushing to his head. I panicked, we realised Corey wasn't breathing. At this point, I froze. We lived 2 minute drive from the hospital, so thought it would be quicker than waiting for an ambulance. If you rubbed his chest he would be awake, must have helped circulate something I presume. Yes we speeded to the hospital, we didn't care.

As soon as we got to the hospital, we were seen by the nurse straight away who as soon as she looked at Corey, she took him and ran him out back away from us. I just broke down right there, we had no idea what was going on and it was at least 5 minutes before the nurse came back. The longest 5 minutes of my life. She said the doctors were trying to get him stable and breathing again. She had to take him, as she knew just by looking at him for a second he wasn't breathing. We eventually got to go round and see him, whilst they spoke to us, contemplating a transfer to Great Ormond Street would be too risky as they would have to sedate him. What?! At this point my mind was just all mushy, I had no idea what was going. I was in a room with my baby laying there, helpless with ALL the A&E staff. I mean all of them too, around 20 of them.

I don't remember when or how we even had the chance to ring the mums, but they had been sitting outside in the waiting area for a while. Knowing something was happening. So our mums were just sitting there patiently anyways. At one point if I remember correctly from what our mums said that there was a drunk man holding bread kicking off at why noone was being seen and the receptionist saying all the doctors are busy with a very poorly baby. I don't think I realised how many doctors were actually in the room though, around 20 of them - it was crazy busy!

Anyways, I remember Corey's dad went out and took the car seat to them as it was getting in the way and just update them a little bit. A little while later, I had to go see my mum and just as soon as I saw her, she got up and I just cried for a good few minutes before I could say anything. It was one of those cries where you sound like a weirdo, all snuffly and well you must know what I mean. She just cuddled me until I was ready. She had thought the worst had happened, but I eventually managed to mumble out what was happening even though I wasn't really sure myself.

I had to go back in, where around midnight they were taking him to the anaesthetist bit to sedate him. They were umming and ahhing at the idea. In the end someone decided Corey had to go on a CPAP machine (help him breathe) at the Hospital in Intensive Care. At this point, our mums popped to say hello and then left to return in the morning. We had beds of our own next to Corey's cot. After a while, I cried myself to sleep and slept for a good few hours - his dad stayed awake by our sides. I was to be woken if it was real danger but Corey was stable and safe. The next 24 hours were critical to what will happen. The next morning, here is Corey with his CPAP mask:

Still the next day, he was having feeds through a nostril tube, and that night we had to go home to get showered and have a good nights sleep. We were reassured this is okay to do and he was in safe hands to do so. We returned around 9am the next morning. Not even 48 hours after and we were shocked to see Corey's CPAP machine had been taken off. The nurse who had been by his side all night, said that he was just so hungry he had to be bottle fed. Little piggy! He was fine and quite frankly after all that ordeal and such a scare, he recovered pretty quickly and was home on the Friday.

I couldn't believe it, I was so relieved he was better! At the time, I didn't deal with this so much as I just was too happy that he was okay and well. As you can probably imagine how awful it was at the time. Around a year later it finally dawned on me that Corey almost died, in my arms on my bed at only 6ish weeks old. The most terrifying thing ever and I just can't believe how lucky I am to have him with me to this day still.

The ironic thing is, he has barely been ill ever since - just the odd cold here and there. He must have a made himself a really good immune system, unlike me!

All is well..

So all is well, here is a couple of pictures of him at home not long after:

Now he has not long just had his 3rd birthday, a cheeky healthy monkey :) His development is up to normal toddler, he was behind on the walking but his talking has always been superb. Just for those that have wondered as he was a premature baby. His dad and I have now gone our separate ways. But Corey is the cutest most adorable child ever who is healthy and happy! He is the love of my life and very adored by both of his families! I wouldn't of been able to go through all of this without my mum too, as she has always been there for Corey and I every step of the way :)

You could read about my experience of his sleeping routine and other bloggers here. Also, got Potty Training and Terrible Twos here.

Here is a couple of pictures of us from various points of his life:

Hope you have enjoyed my extremely long story and haven't got bored. It meant so much to me writing this, even though at one point I cried too much reliving it all. Corey came over and gave me a cuddle though :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. No wonder you were crying writing your heart felt story, I have only been reading your blog for a couple weeks and don't know you at all and my eyes were streaming! What a little fighter your Corey is, you really are an inspiration to go through all that at such a young age and still come through smiling, I'm not a mother but I honeslt don't even think now at 22 I could deal with such a mix of emotions.
    Gem x

  2. Sounds like our stories are very similar love! Well done xxx

  3. I was tearing up reading this, He's such a little fighter and so are you after everything you've both been through. I think once you go through a experience like that and so young thats when you truly become a mother. I has a similar experience as you and young also so i know what if feels like,was worst time of my life going through it all but in the end it was worth every minute. Really enjoyed reading this , made my day :) xxx

  4. This is such a lovely story! I love that the name Corey grew on you (I'm assuming the lead singer of the greebo band is Corey Taylor haha) it shows that sometimes you just know when you see your baby :) Nearly in tears reading it though, to have gone through so much when you're still so young must have been so hard but you were so brave! xx

  5. Sounds like you were incredibly brave. He is such a little fighter, you must be so proud x

  6. Wow, I can't believe that you were the same age as me when you got pregnant and managed to cope so well. I'm so proud of you, and it makes my little heart melt seeing those photos of you and your wee boy so content. I find it sad when people often make "teen pregnancies" out to be such a negative thing. You seem like a wonderful and lucky mum, go you!x

  7. I teared up reading this - you're all so brave! Corey is beautiful - you must be so proud x



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