Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Nail Varnish Storage Solution


Most of you will know that I have a bit of a new found hobby of Nail Art etc so I can practise for the career I want as a Nail Technician. I have various 'Nail' related posts that I have recently done so please be sure to go check them out after this if you are interested :)

I don't really have a make-up/blogging related room and my dressing table isn't big enough for all my nail stuff. So currently it is planted all over my dining table. But then on Tuesday evening I was having a chat with the lovely Alison from Rock and Glitter, you can view her blog here.

Whilst chatting we were talking about nail varnish etc, and she said how her cake stand was lonely. At first I was like what is she on about?! and then it twigged on me, using a Cake Stand for Nail Varnish - how amazing! I got so overly stupidly excited realising I had a spare one, so I did it.

This idea is totally and utterly completely Alison's idea but I asked if I could share with you as it is sooo amazing!! :)

These are the gorgeous Paris themed Cake Stand and Tin Box Set I have from my mummy for one birthday:

This is after the 'Nail' transformation:

And inside the boxes:

First is bits like remover, nail strengtheners and treatments etc. Second is my nail art pens - them sort of bits and bobs.

I had wanted some storage for my Nail Varnishes for a while and didn't want those Muji things, I had searched and searched but this really is the perfect solution. How do you store your nail varnishes? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. awww I love this idea, I wish I had a cake stand now!! xx
    Sarah x

  2. What a beautiful cake stand, I used to use a cake stand for all of my lipsticks! Might have to whip it back out and stick my nail polish on it now! xx

    1. Thank you :) I love it, super gorgeous - was a shame not to put it to good use all the time, so am really glad I found this solution! xx



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