Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Nursing Pillows - Must Have Essential


So I am trying to concentrate a bit more on baby/parenting etc and I have spent ages contemplating on what I can do that people would be interested in. Recently I done a 'Packing Your Hospital Bag' - to prepare for labour and birth etc :) So now I am looking at one of my most favourite essentials from when Corey was younger.

Nursing Pillow

I remember first seeing these at The Baby Show - I went October 2010 with my mum when I was pregnant. We saw these pillows and they were great, had little animal print on it - but unfortunately we didn't get one at the time! I was slightly gutted but it was one of those things.

Anyways.. December 2010 came and to my suprise Corey came a little earlier than planned (6 weeks to be exact!) - I had an Emergency C-Section which you can read all about here. It wasn't exactly easy and well as you can imagine I was in a lot of pain and pretty weak at the time.

At the time in my local hospital there was an amazing little baby shop and they had the pillows - my mum brought it for me as a gift best thing ever :) she had remembered from the show! especially as it was the cute animal design! So here I am having my 2nd ever cuddle with Corey at 2 days old with the pillow:

Excuse the bad quality picture

Honestly, it was literally the best invention for me. I got to cuddle Corey for long periods of time. This pillow not only helped protect my scar as well as help hold Corey up as I could rest my arms on it like in the picture. Plus the fact I am super weak in general with my hands due to arthritis.

Here is a proper look at the pillow:

You can find similar at Mothercare, they have a whole range in different patterns etc on this link here roughly costing on average £20-£30.

I really highly recommend this product and it was used for at least the first 6 weeks of Corey's life whilst in hospital. Like think of all them naps baby will be taking on your lap? If it's your first baby then omg you don't understand how uncomfy and tiring your arm gets so this product will really help out :)

Did you use one of these nursing pillows or planning too? What are your thoughts?

Love, Gemma xo



  1. He was soooo tiny! Lots of love xxx

    1. ahh I know, what a cutie eyy - he looks almost not real haha! Lots of Love xxxx

  2. I bought one in the baby bonanza at Asda a couple of weeks ago. I'm so excited to use it! I bet it's lovely looking back at pictures of you and Corey when he was a newborn :) xxx

    1. ahh I really love looking back at piccies, they grow so quickly and its quite shocking sometimes! miss my little tiny baby! Hope you enjoy using your pillow when baby soon arrives :) it is also good to help them sit up, I used it for when Corey needed propping up whilst playing with toys! Love, Gemma xx



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