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Top 8 Celeb & TV Couples


Well it's that time of year again with Valentine's Day fast approaching this Friday, I decided to do a little something different. We are going to look at the what I think are 8 Top Celeb Couples, Real Life & TV! and a bit of history behind their relationship!

Real Life Celeb Couples

Frankly, all of you should know these couples and if not then you must be living under some sort of rock!

David & Victoria Beckham - Together Since 1997, Married 1999

I am probably the first to admit, when these two first got together in the younger days I did not like them much however they really have blossomed into a role model family who work hard to achieve some amazing things with 4 very beautiful children despite odd name choices, in my opinion.

Will & Jada Smith - Together Since 1995, Married 1997

Firstly, who knew Will had an older son who is 21 with his previous wife?! (new knowledge to me!) However, a lovely couple with famous children too. I still can't get over how good looking Will is for his age, he is a crush of mine - Men In Black fan right here :) This was the nicest picture of Jada I could find, her Red Carpet dress looks are slightly a bit too out going for my liking.

Mariah Carey & Nick Canon - Together Since Unknown, Married 2008

Ohhh how I love these two, her singing voice and his comedy bits are going to make their twins hopefully as talented as they are! According to Wikipedia no one is quite sure which year Mariah was born, however still older than my mummy!

Jay Z & Beyonce - Together Since 2002?, Married 2008

When they first started a relationship is unclear, rumoured to be after their song 'Bonnie & Clyde'. A couple who in pictures always seem very happy and a friendship bond like no other at Basketball Games etc. They have recently been named the richest celeb couple, lucky them! Plus did you know that they are like best friends with the President and his wife, bit of an odd friendship?

TV Couples

I really hope you know these couples from TV Series!

Monica & Chandler - 'Friends'

A very unlikely pair from when Friends first started but so brilliant how they got together etc. I think this relationship portrays a more realistic fantasy as they have their struggles and differences, working hard through the relationships as we all know no relationship is a fairytale like TV tells us!

Lily & Marshal - 'How I Met Your Mother'

A pretty modern day couple, think this picture really explains the couple a lot. I found it hilarious anyways! They really are such a funny duo and have had many a laughs watching them. It is really good seeing couples grow together throughout series, from young adults to making a family etc.

Haley & Nathan Scott - 'One Tree Hill'

Firstly, who knew this whole time that's how you spelt her name - I thought it was Hayley haha :) This one may not be as known to some of you, especially as the picture is slightly unclear. But for 9 whole series they had the most romantic life together with many ups and downs. But true love will always last :) Although, my favourite is still their little boy Jamie in the show - so funny & adorable!

Ross & Rachel - 'Friends'

Last but not least of course, my all time favourite from what is possibly the best show ever created. I really wish we got to see more of them at the end, come on when is the a film or something going to come out?! *waits patiently whilst I just phone the director* haha :)

Anymore for anymore?

So is there any other couples either celeb or from TV and films that you think should of been up here too? Let me know in the comments, would be really interesting to see your thoughts! Hope you liked this post & see you next time :)

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. I love Will Smith too! And can't believe Beyoncé and JayZ are the richest celebrity couple.. That's insane! I'm a big fan of Friends so Ross and Rachel is the best couple ever. Wish they had continued Friends, literally my favourite show of all time.

    Kathryn | effievanity



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