Sunday, 2 March 2014

6 month blogiversary ❤


So today we celebrate an anniversary, a blogiversary - 6 months to be exact :) now a bit odd to do a half anniversary I guess but I couldn't wait another 6 months for a celebration!

6 months ago today, I was in bed toying with the idea of starting a blog - something I had considered for a long while. Whilst recovering/resting from surgery at the point. I finally decided to go just do it and create the place that for once was a little place of my own, my own little blog.

Since blogging not only have a discovered 1000s of amazing reads, but more importantly also made some very lovely friends :) Plus the friendliness of the community and support you get from one another. I love having a chit chat and bit of a banter so when there is the chats we join in few times a week - I do try my best to be around for them!

I started and continue to have blogging as a hobby, like I said a place of my own. I have been blogging about all things really from parenting, lifestyle, beauty and much more - anything that feels important to me. Usually filled with a fair few Corey pictures and the odd selfie! My blog has even just recently actually gone through a re-branding so the name and design was changed which you can read about it here if you like :)

There are so many lovely girls I could name that I have met through blogging but honestly it wouldn't be fair as I love you all :) I personally always try to share the happiness and stick together rather than concentrating on the rare negatives that come along with blogging! We have to remember it is a hobby for most of us after all. Enough of the horribleness in the real world as it is, so no need to add to it.

Blogging has helped me in so many various ways over the 6 months from just general better mood to helping improve my writing skills and vocabulary. It's all been an experience, on the odd occasion working with a couple of PR companies and winning fellow blogger competitions (I had never won anything before blogging!) which gets me into my next bit..

I really really wanted to do a giveaway to say a massive thank you for making my blogging journey so far be absolutely brilliant from all my lovely readers etc but unfortunately I am unable to afford one at the moment but I will as soon as I can - that's a pinky promise & I never break my promises :)

Stats aren't really a big deal to me, but it is actually interesting at times as to see accomplishments from the hard work that I put into my blog - as I am sure the same for the rest of us.

As of last night 1/3/14, 9pm stats were:

Total Page Views: 22,554
Twitter: 1,185
BlogLovin: 359
Instagram: 353
Facebook: 36
GFC: 69

As well as now just a couple of days old playing with the You Tube scene, but it is still early days so I am unsure of how that will go.. I will report on that another time :)

When I first started blogging I didn't even think anyone would like my blog but to now have followers and readers is just such an amazing feeling that someone finds my little old blog interesting or can relate etc. I don't really think I am a good blogger, I have a lot to learn but to me it is just a fun hobby :) some may think this amount is a lot and some will think it's nothing. A lot of bloggers have said they compare themselves to others - glad I am not the only one as I do it too!! It can't be helped we do compare and have some days were we criticise no endless amounts from our own blogs or to say we aren't doing as well as others. But the main thing is that what we write is from the heart and we enjoy it - as this comes across in posts. I don't post for the sake of it honestly, so sometimes I post twice a week and others five or six times. I could only blog if I wanted to write about the specific topic, I don't have a schedule to post every day or every other day - If you do then I seriously applaud you! Just last week I believed I wasn't good enough to continue blogging but after much reassurance to some very lovely girls and their kind words on Twitter I decided to keep going as long as it keeps me happy! :)

Anyways I will stop blabbering on about a lot of stuff you probably don't want to hear and just say a massive..

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't of got to this 6 month blogiversary if it wasn't for all of you lot & I have enjoyed every moment!

If you do like my blog, it would mean the absolute world to me if you followed me on the following sites to keep up to date on my posts and just a general chit chat if you want - I promise I don't bite (well not all the time!).. ;)

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Also, a cheeky request if you do like my blog I would really appreciate if you would consider nominating me for the MAD Blog Awards for Mums & Dads. It only takes a few moments and it would mean the world to me to be nominated for Best New Blog. You do have to vote for Best Blog First to get to more nominations so I would highly recommend, and last but not least (a few of my favs!) - You don't have to vote for every criteria, the only must is that one! You only have until the 14th March though guys so not long left :) Just click this picture below & it'll take you there..

MAD Blog Awards

That is it for now until next time :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Congratulations and a happy half birthday to your blog! Good luck with the rest of the year :)

    beauty by alicee <3

    1. thank you sweetie :) that is really appreciated! Love, Gemma xx

  2. Happy 6 months anniversary chick xx

  3. thanks Emma :) the community is great, lovely to have friends like you to talk too - there is always someone who can put a smile on my face! Love, Gemma xx

  4. thank you hunny :) Love, Gemma xx

  5. thank you Helen :) Love, Gemma xx

  6. thank youu Alex :) Love, Gemma xx



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