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BiBs 2014 Awards ❤


So there is something called the Brit Mums - Britain's biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influences. In June they have a massive 2 day event which is really well known to fellow mummy bloggers. I am really excited to be attending on my first year of blogging, going to be great! Over the event there will be Keynote Speakers, Workshops and Award Ceremony - which gets me to today's post..

BiBs 2014 Awards


BiB stands for Brilliance in Blogging!

It only takes a few minutes to vote and is free, you can vote for as many categories as you want (all or one) but you can only vote once! In total BiBs has 16 categories for their awards, these are -

Fresh Voice - For anyone with blogs under 18 months old or recently re-launched. (newbies like me - hint hint!)

Food - Blog based on food, recipes and yummy pictures that make us all crave!

Inspire - Bloggers who encourages and inspires everyone around them.

Social Media - I'm a bit of an addict especially to Twitter and Instagram, love having a good chit chat and a nose at photos. So who do you follow, nose or tweet the most?

Writer - I am not very talented on the writing front, however, practise makes perfect. Other bloggers have a real talent and I could just read them for ages - why they haven't made a book yet is beyond me!

Photo - Pictures of anything, some people have such great photography skills and can make anything look beautiful.

Video - Whether it is how-tos, reviews or just watchable clips. Vloggers are great to watch, watching real people have a chat with you!

Travel - Travelling the world with children really? Can't imagine how stressful that is. Doesn't have to be around the world though, but blogs who share real stories and advice on travelling with children.

Family - Blogs that share the ups and downs of family life, being honest and open! Noone's life is perfect, and it certainly is a relief to read that I am not the only one!

Style - For the beauty and fashion parent bloggers, we all love a bit of style. Something that is big at the moment pregnancy styling too! It's great to get some tips, especially for the bags under our eyes!

Laugh - Those blogs that just make you laugh out loud, I love a bit of banter and it'd be great to know you've put a smile on someones face!

Crafts - I love crafts, watching what brilliant products bloggers come up with is amazing! Such talent and certainly lots of inspiration.

Health - Healthy living, diet, exercise, mental health or happiness - pretty much pursued in any way!

Innovate -This is all about entrepreneurship: in your blog, your life, your words. This blogger is constantly innovating: Trying new things, pushing the envelope, reaching new heights. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. What counts is you tried and because of that we have too.

Commentary & Campaigns - Helps raise awareness for causes such as Animal Cruelty going round at the moment! Ones that do their bit for charities etc and help get us involved too.

Outstanding - Blogs that stand out to you whether it be for design, writing, images or the entire package; the blog you instantly fall in love with!

Vote For Me Pleaseee :)

If you like my blog and think I deserve it I really hope you would vote for me :) Especially for the Fresh Voice as being a newbie (only blogging for 6 months) or Family - I am really enjoying blogging and having the freedom of a place all my own to write my thoughts. I do vary my blog content a fair bit from parenting, lifestyle, beauty etc because as blogging is a hobby I just write about things that are on my mind at the time etc. Would you like to see more of a themed blog or keep it as it is?

I am sure you probably have 101 bloggers you can think of but some who I will certainly be voting for are Kerry from Oh So Amelia, Nicola from Nicola Life Through My Eyes and last but not least Charlotte from Write Like No Ones Watching - a few of my favourite daily reads who certainly deserve a vote for these awards too.

The way the voting works is not down to just "popularity" but to also judging panel as well which is good as will help more blogs get recgonised but it will help to have the votes. Voting is open from today 18th March 2014 until 12th April 2014 - so not long to get your votes in! Then the Short List will be announced 29th April 2014 :)

Click Here To Vote Now!!

My Blog info you will need to know for the form (don't worry too much as long as you have the website address is the main thing!)

Blog Name: Sunshine On A Cloudy Day
Blog Address: http://www.sunshineonacloudyday.co.uk
Bloggers Twitter ID: @sunshineblogxo
Bloggers Email Address: sunshineonacloudydayblog@outlook.com

I don't really have much of a chance with all the wonderful blogs out there, but if you do like my blog please consider me as it would mean the absolute world to me, more than I could even describe in words :) I am heading off to cast my votes now!

Also, if you are going to Brit Mums Live Event and the BiBs Award Ceremony, let me know as would love to meet you all :)

Love, Gemma xo



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