Tuesday, 25 March 2014

GUEST POST: Travelling Abroad Pregnant


Today we have my lovely friend Polly from Polly's Little World blogging about being pregnant and travelling abroad:

Me and my OH have always loved going abroad for our holidays, we both worked and could afford going to fancy hotels. We booked a holiday to go to Mexico in September 2012 for the following summer, little did we know a small bump would be joining us. I was 17/18 weeks pregnant when we flew out to Mexico and I had been suffering with bad morning sickness in the weeks leading up. I was really looking forward to a relaxing break before the all chaos began. I have always been great in the sun and never had any problems, I knew Mexico would be hot and sticky but I was not prepared for how my body had changed. I found it so hard to cope with the heat, I just wanted to stay in the air conditioned room all day and it completely drained all energy out of me. We weren't there to explore, we did have a lovely time and we enjoyed the quality couple time before two became three. If your thinking of booking a "baby moon" as they now call it I've put together a little list of things you must be aware of before booking a lavish holiday in the sun.

  • Vaccinations, Check with your doctor as some vaccinations you can't have in the first stages of pregnancy

  • Travel insurance is a must even though it will be more expensive

  • Check airline policies, some do not let you fly in the later stages of pregnancy and after 28 weeks some ask for a letter from your GP or midwife

  • Things to pack:

  • Make sure you buy lots of bottled water to keep hydrated

  • If it is a long flight buy some travel socks, not the best look but they keep varicose veins away

  • A higher sun cream than you would usually use. Your body produces more of the hormone Melanin which can make you more prone to sunburn

  • A big sun hat to shade you

  • Magi-cool, I found this a life saver. It is a can of cooling spray which doesn't require refrigeration so you can carry it around in your bag. Its also completely safe to use in pregnancy and on babies as its drug free.

  • Flip flops, your feet may swell so much that those fancy sandals won't be anywhere near fitting

  • An umbrella (just an average one will do) to shade you when walking around. You can see on the picture I am clutching mine

    Lastly, have a lovely time and enjoy the peace and quiet.

    That's it for now from Polly, let us know what you think and your opinions. Check out Polly's fab blog here also stop by and follow her on Twitter and BlogLovin.

    Love, Gemma xo


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