Friday, 14 March 2014

HAUL: Boots Points Buys


So I haven't done a Boots Haul since Christmas which you can see here. I only really needed my No7 Perfectly Light Pressed Powder which I use every day, however, I decided to check my points at those machine things to see some deals etc - realising I had a fair few points. I haven't spent money on myself in about a month due to finances and had avoided town to ensure no spending but I needed a trip in for other reasons so I decided to treat myself if well it's free! :) With Boots having 3 for 2 on everything at the moment as well made it even better :) I didn't pick up too much as obviously didn't have that many points but thought I would share with you lot anyways! So here we go:

Product First Impressions/Reviews

So like the title suggests, it's a run down of my products into a bit of detail and my first impressions on them :)

Real Techniques Powder Brush - I had been wondering how YouTubers got such flawless skin and managed to not wear much powder. I usually have to apply it all over. I have a very old powder brush that is a tad rough these days. After consulting Twitter for some help they suggested a light fluffy brush, which has been working really well :) just sweeping a tiny amount of product over face. Only had chance to do this once so far but am impressed my make-up looks less caked on, didn't last as long throughout the day but hopefully will improve next time. So using this brush along with my every day No7 Perfectly Light Pressed Powder in 'Translucent'

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm - so many of you recommend this, I am a Matte kinda girl, this colour is super cute and looks great on. They didn't have much selection in store, but online looks like they have some super awesome shades which are on my wishlist now. Never used a pencil/crayon whatever you want to call it, but actually very pleased :) Just slightly disappointed as it isn't very Matte. Here is what 'Elusive' looks like on:

Okay so obviously this pink Triceratops dinosaur 'TY' beanie isn't from Boots, we popped into Clintons for a browse and I fell in love, I couldn't use the excuse of buying it for Corey as it is quite obviously Pink but I don't even care if I am buying myself teddies at aged 20 (which I do often, shh!!) plus it was only £3.74? random amount but look it so teeny weeny and super cute **said in baby face** :)

Maybelline Baby Lips - I actually went to get the 'Cherry Me' which is pretty much the only lip product I am using at the moment, such a beautiful colour and moisture is amazing. When they didn't have in stock I was slightly sad, but thought I would give 'Pink Punch' a go, not really fan of the colour as not as natural like 'Cherry Me' is on my naturally darkish lips but it smells delicious!

L'Oreal Riche Color Nail Varnishes - so if you read my recent TAG: Three Brands, Three Favourites you will see this listed as my bit of hoarding make-up product really. But I needed yellow for some designs I have been thinking of, then saw the green next to it, how lush?! Also, a pastel purple ready for spring/summer and then finally a Barry M White as a base colour or whatever really.

Do you like? :)

Overall, I am pleased with my buys and looking forward to putting them into more use! Your thoughts on these products? As I am well aware from Twitter we have all been doing the 3 for 2, what have you picked up? :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. the L'Oreal polishes, swoooon


    1. Ahh I know, such beautiful colours aren't they? my fav time of year when the pastels start to appear :) xxx

  2. How many points did you have you lucky duck?! I LOVE the nail polish colours, perfect for spring and summer :)

    Fiona @

    1. Ah I can't remember now but it was a fair bit, I always forget to check my points usually! & yeah they really are going to be perfect for this years weather, hoping to make some funky nail art designs! Love, Gemma xx

  3. Love spending boots points! Really want to try the Matte balms. The teddy is so cute! xx

    Abby |

    1. I am obsessed with that little beauty of a teddy, I need to think of a name for it :) I really needed to treat myself so Boots points was the only way haha! Worth giving the Matte Balms a try, they are better than my original thought! Love, Gemma xx

  4. Thankyou Mollie, that is so sweet of you :) I will go pop over now and have a look! Love, Gemma xx



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