Friday, 28 March 2014

Ideal Home Show - Earls Court 2014


So yesterday I went somewhere exciting, I took a trip to the Ideal Home Show in Earls Court, London with my mummy and hubby! We were lucky enough to get the tickets for free due to some deal they had on See Tickets a little while ago!

They had all sorts of furniture for the house and garden, make-up, food, fashion, cars, technology and much more! So thought I would do a post to share some pictures and show you what it was all about :)

Look how pretty the outside is, wasn't expecting that but just wowza! Cath Kidston style? Then this is also their main stage and a couple of exhibitions in the back, the whole flooring downstairs was artificial grass.

So do you see that BIG wooden thing in the background? It is actually a treehouse, a quite treehouse. It was quite beautiful inside, and was built by the "Quiet Mark" which provide technology that is quieter to help noise pollution etc. Quite hairdryer, kettle and alarm etc, was quite good actually! But how on earth do you get a quiet alarm? We didn't get to see it work so was slightly gutted. It cost £350,000 to make and will be donated to the The Children's Hospice - they will love it!

Ohhh how I love Mini's, how fabulous is that chair? I want it soo much, if only ey? Plus the strange champagne fridge car!

They actually made up houses, the size of actual houses that you could walk round for some inspiration etc :) They were really cool, and look at that Elephant lamp and those suitcase side table that it is on.

The garden wooden house thing was so big it had to be in 2 photos, living life like luxury - I could only dream!

They had a Cake Competition with the theme of celebration for Price George's first birthday later this year in July. The blue toy box (top right) is actually quite special to me, as they are a local company who made Corey's christening cake. But I have taken a close up of my personal favourite!

So they had the most amazing little bespoke luxury playhouses for children, I was in love! I couldn't get great pictures so I really recommend you check their site out here. The price is ridiculous amounts but trust me you have to take a peak!!

So the hubby and I left my mum watching what we thought was a fashion show for 10 minutes whilst we went and had a go on some amazing massage chairs, was such a miracle and certainly heaven in a chair - needed after the long day! When we came back to get her, we realised it was actually a kind of dance show; so glad I caught the last few minutes as they were really good.

I forgot to take pictures of the food and beauty sections, as frankly they were the busiest but they had some great tasters from sausages to sweets. The sweet stall was massive and cost a fortune! I can't believe I didn't get a picture but they had SPARKLY lipstick, so pigmented and it was hideous so I didn't really stop to have a look!

On the exit, these massive light shades looked amazing, they felt as big as the size of my kitchen!!

Now onto the good bit, the goodies that we brought..

This is their goodie bags they gave out, have to admit they are pretty rubbish like kitchen roll tissue, really??

The pink suitcase is a bit of a secret for now as I am going to do a whole post about it as it is that good, so keep an eye out. Next, these spice powders were amazing - he added one teaspoon scoop with mayoonaise and it made the yummiest dip ever and lots of other recipe ideas he gave us. If you would like me to do a post on these then I will if you let me know in the comments! Then sweeties and honey roasted cashew nuts as I couldn't resist :)

So as we wrapped up our visit at the Ideal Home Show we then headed of to Leicster Square to find something for dinner. Mum is usually in London a bit but always for business and not pleasure. We hadn't picked up anything from the show for Corey as wasn't much for him, so we stopped by the M&M Store, and got him a policeman who has been named Noddy and me a keyring too. Then headed off to Chiquito's, my absolute favourite restaurant at the moment. Mum is a fan of mexican but never tried before so hubby and I were set on taking her and of course had their delicious Churro's!

So that was it for my day, I had a really fun time and the show was really good :) What do you think? Have any of you been? If you would like to know more about some of the goodies we picked up, please let me know in the comments!

Love, Gemma xo



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