Saturday, 8 March 2014

One True Love ❤


So today's post is a little different, meet my one true love:

What is love?

I think it is safe to say we have all at some point been overly in love with another person, for most of us it will be our husbands, other half, partner or etc - me included! But honestly, when I was younger I never knew how much you could really love someone. That was until I met my Corey! I don't think I can really even describe in words how much I actually love Corey but going to give it a try..

Love is..

20 Things You Know Makes You A Mummy..

1. When you feel like you accomplished a huge thing by going to the toilet by yourself with any interuptions - Dee Scott

2. When you are the only one that knows what to do to instantly stop the tears

3. When you start eating chocolate whilst hiding in the kitchen cupboards so you don't have to share - Dee Scott

4. You can't find your house keys because they are hidden in the toy box

5. You get a new definition of what constitutes dirty clothes (wheatbix and drool - don't even come close!) - Lisa Edwards

6. Spending those extra 5 minutes in the shower is as close to a spa day as you can get

7. When apparently sleep doesn't matter any more to your child

8. Emotions take over and you literally crying over the littlest thing

9. Bow down to the versatility of the humble wet-wipe! - Emma Paling

10. You know you're a mummy when all your phone memory is used up on photos - Rebecca Taylor

11. First it's pregnancy brain, and then you go to baby brain - anything for some sort of excuse!

12. When you have to sit for hours watching the same cartoons over again and over again, loosing the will to live

13. Turning down a night out for a quiet night in is the norm

14. When you consider how much baby stuff could be carried in a new handbag purchase, not just buying it because you like it! - Rebecca Taylor

15. Being able to do most things one handed - Kate Cooper & Fiona

16. Or juggling a tonne of things at once

17. Waking up in the night to find a little one has snuck their way in - Kate Cooper

18. Finding toys or crumbs in your bed!

19. You know you're a mummy when a little voice calls you mummy! - Rebecca Taylor

20. Most importantly, when your child kisses and cuddles can make everything better no matter how bad the situation :)

Where does time go?

Whilst writing this post, the other half and I were watching a film called 'Richie Rich' about the worlds richest family with the boy from Home Alone - the movie is almost as old as I am but was a gooden actually. Anyways his parents had a big volt which an evil man tried to steal from. Not realising the rich couple's treasure was actually just memories of their child (prams, trophies, photos etc) as they said they weren't worried about money but their treasure was their memorable items. My other half turned around to me and goes 'you know all that sh*t you like to keep which isn't worth anything but valuable to you' (I assume this was a good thing!!)

Corey is at the stage going from a toddler to pre-schooler and I am noticing this big change that I am just wondering where the years have gone by?! Like he is now 3 years old, that's crazy. I am only 20 and doesn't seem surreal that I have this amazing 3 year old boy.

I have over 12,000 photos of Corey since he was born - which is far too many but knowing that I can look back is just a magical thing. I also love keepsakes, I really don't have enough! Below is my most favourite precious item, a necklace I got made at The Baby Show when Corey was 5 months old by The Small Print Company, my mummy had brought this for my 18th which wasn't long after and she got herself one too! I wore it pretty much every day for a whole year before I started to notice it was looking worn, so I have had to put it away for safe keeping in my jewellery box - as too amazing to ruin. Having something like this is just amazing, the detail is so on point and just a precious way to represent your child - I highly recommend!

You're My Sunshine On A Cloudy Day :)

I wanted to do the popular 'Letters To Corey' series, but frankly starting when he is 3 years old isn't quite the same unfortunately. But well lately, I have been quite I suppose hormonal, emotional and you know when you just spend those moments reflecting on your life and realising how good you actually have it - so I guess this post is one of them!

Corey has always been that little ray of sunshine, he could cheer me up on the worst of cloudy days. We have had some tough times from the very start really when he was born premature to the odd stressful day I have now and then. But it has always been made easier by his cheeky grin, silly giggle, kisses and cuddles - even more so now he can talk as he knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. If I am ever crying, usually at a stupid reason such as soaps (Hollyoaks is always the worst!) he will come over to me and say 'don't worry, be happy' (yes the Bob Marley song, blame my other half for that one!) but it never fails to cheer me up.

Even tonight we were alone whilst the other half was working late, Corey was an absolute angel we watched a couple of Disney movies on the sofa together whilst having dinner etc and I started to get nausea, he goes "I don't mummy, I can make you feel better" and he has had manners all day long. I really don't know where my little cute baby has gone, turning into the cute little polite big boy! Makes me very proud all the time - sometimes it just the little things :)

I don't think I ever realised how much a child could mean to you, at the time some would say I was young but in all honesty I look back and think thank god I became a mother as it has been the best decision, life changing and magical event of my life, not just mine but my whole families.

I have wrote this post over again but I can not find the words to describe how much I love Corey.

From the minute he was born I knew it was love, even though I didn't actually see or hold him for almost 24 hours due to both of us being poorly. But that is a whole different story which you can read about here. Then followed by a traumatic day where I almost lost him. Then I've had days where honestly I don't know if I can get through the struggles at times, probably where most people would break and I almost did before I snapped out of my self pity and realised what does it all matter when I have this beautiful child?!

Sometimes, he is being an absolute nightmare with his terrible twos (okay I admit he isn't that bad!) and other times he is just being an angel sitting on the sofa with me playing away. I am so very lucky, as on days he is literally so quiet it is barely as if he is even here - how did I get such a well behaved child?! From a tiny premature baby he is turning into this well mannered little person - a baby no more!

I have my moments when I just stare at him playing, even when we were at our local indoor soft play centre the other day and it brought tears to my eyes. but why am I so emotional? It's crazy! He melts my heart, I actually get that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when it feels warm and complete - I didn't think this feeling was real but OMG it is and it is amazing :) Look this was posted 20 weeks ago on my personal Instagram account -

I am sure most of us do this but every night I have to go check up on him just to make sure he is okay. He has to have a kiss and a cuddle every night, he won't let me leave the room without it. We have our little things where we say 'love you, miss you, see you soon' if we leave each other for pre-school or whatever. But something that is even cuter - I used to sing to my boyfriend 'I love you, you love me, we are meant to be' just randomly if I were bored don't know why but not even realising that Corey was picking up on this, he now sings along too. Like how freaking adorable is that?!

He is just a cheeky monkey, he knows who he can get away with what - if I say no he'll go to his nan or great nan etc. If you say something like 'should you be doing that?' If he knows he's not meant too he will just have a big cheeky grin on his face. It's just so cute, he can get away with anything when he grins!!

When I saw this little four leaf clover symbol, it instantly had to be done as my tattoo with Corey's name has a clover next to it - he is my lucky charm and I am very lucky to have him!

**Because of how much I love keepsakes, I am really excited to be able to have the chance to offer you guys a little give away after being approached by a lovely company which will be starting in the next couple days - so please keep an eye out for it as it is a really sweet little gift, that will have a winner before Easter :)**

The Truth

Don't get me wrong though I bloody enjoy some 'me' time, I know a lot of mums don't get that luxury so I do apologise - but I do which keeps me sane. Without it I would probably be a massive ball of mess! I have probably made some hiccups along the way learning how to do this parenting thing but no one is perfect ey?

Babies they cry, sleep and poop all day long, then have tantrums on top of that too - seriously that is it. Although, I was pretty lucky with a baby who slept all day and night plus didn't cry very often (sorry other mummies!) But their smile is enough to make it all worth it :)

Frankly, I am quite glad so many fellow bloggers actually admit to this as they don't try to portray that life is one big fairytale as we all know it is probably far from it. Starting with the painfulness of having a c-section, just why?!! I think honestly all us bloggers would be over the moon if just one person read our blog and our advice helped them in some way.


Despite some of the ups and downs, and the worries you get along with motherhood - it truly is the most amazing magical thing ever and I wouldn't change it for the world. I am totally head over heels in love with my boy and the bond we have is just beyond my wildest dreams. Even though we do argue at times etc, he doesn't love anyone more than he loves his mummy :) He is my best friend, my baby boy, my one true love, my sunshine on a cloudy day and my son ❤ Nothing makes me happier than little boy and I couldn't even begin to imagine what my life would be like without him, something I don't dare to think about actually.

I am glad I recently made the decision to leave work to be at home with him more which you can read about here. I will always provide the best I can for Corey and some say working does that which I used to believe but our bond is better when I am not working and I won't make that mistake again any time soon!

This is probably one of my favourite pictures of us to date, as he calls it 'the right way up' even though he is upside down but it is sweet - a fun picture we made together :)

Hope you enjoyed this long post, even though it took me a far few days to write this to make sure it was perfect and this was my second draft but hey ho, it actually meant a lot to me to write this even if I was babbling on at times! I wanted to express in words how much I love Corey, this post doesn't really do it enough justice as I wanted it too because actions speak louder than words but I hope you can kind of get some clue to what I am feeling :) If you are a mummy what is the best thing about being a mummy to you? If you aren't a mummy, then do you want one & why?! :)

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Writing about our little gems sometimes requires long posts. They are so precious and we are very blessed to have them. It is apparent that you love Corey.
    I too, love me time. It is what gives us the strength. Everybody needs rest.

    1. thank you :) I don't feel like I can't gave enough justice to how much I do love Corey but I had to write it as feeling all lovey dovey about my boy! Yeah "me" time is what we all need :) Love, Gemma xx

  2. You're so sweet Gemma! Love reading your posts about Corey :) xxx



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