Thursday, 27 March 2014

REVIEW*: Baker Days Cakes


So today I have something really cool to show you, cake - not just any ordinary cake but a cake that fits through your letterbox! How cool is that :)

So the company is called 'Baker Days' - they create personalised yumminess delivered to your door, able to fit through the normal sized letterbox (you can get bigger sizes!!). Whether it is cupcakes or a cake, you can add a photo or logo maybe even choose one of their on designs.

Prices start fro £14.99* depending on what type of cake you desire and whether you have any party extras etc. On this particular cake you can add personalisation underneath the writing if you wanted to write a message to whoever the cake is for!

I was lucky enough to get to try one from their Mother's Day range, it took me a while to pick a design as they were all so pretty but finally settled with Mother's Day Rose one that had caught my eye from the beginning!

So here is what came in the box, a tin filled with cake, a mini tube of love hearts and a floral card :) below is a close up of the cake - such a pretty, classic and elegant design! :)

Unfortunately, my cake was a little squashed which I am slightly gutted about. Because the tin or box wasn't damaged at all I guess this was done during making before packaging which makes me wonder why there was no quality control? But one of those things. Here is up close of both damages to the cake so you can see what I mean:

The cake tasted absolutely lovely although it didn't last very long in this house with three of us!

Over all, I love the whole idea of the letterbox cake and the personalised cakes in whatever size you wish really :) it is such a sweet idea, and fairly average priced. They have something for all occasions!! We all love surprise post especially of the edible kind - so why not go and treat someone you know or love, maybe even yourself ;)

Be sure to check out their sites:

Baker Days Website
Baker Days Twitter
Baker Days Instagram

Love, Gemma xo



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