Wednesday, 12 March 2014

REVIEW*: love2read book


So I was lucky enough to get the chance to review a personalised picture book worth £14.99* plus P&P from love2read and I couldn't be happier with out it came out :)

So in all honesty, I was unsure on how to explain the book so I am going to start with showing you pictures (beware, this is the entire book! - but it is only short)

So as you can see, that is the gist of the book really and how you personalise it :) I really enjoyed making it, I wanted to do like important pictures of him growing up - first bottle etc however unsure the quality of picture would be good and didn't want to risk that so went for pictures from 2 different professional shoots we have had done which is nice as they are 2 years apart and I am really overly pleased :)

You can do many different ranges, either a create your own like I have.. or a mummy/nanny/dad etc one. I wanted to do a 'Nanny' one ready for Mother's Day but sadly I only had like 2 pictures so wasn't possible!

It's a very sweet idea, maybe as presents for family members, we all love personalised items and keepsakes - this is certainly one I shall treasure and glad I got to try and review :) At such a good price too, I advise you go check their site and make your own too - link here. I think they are origionly meant to make for a good read for children, but honestly doesn't even have to be baby related, a cute present for your partner of your good moments (first date, engagement etc) it's so cute and endless possibilities on what you could create.

What do you think to the book? :)

**Disclaimer - I have been sent this by the company for the purpose of reviewing**

Love, Gemma xo



  1. What a great book full of lovely photos :) x

    1. thank you :) they really are such sweet ideas of a keepsake! Love, Gemma xx

  2. What a cute book! Lovely review.x

    1. thank you hunny :) I am loving it, so sweet to keep looking at - can't take my eyes off my munchkin! Love, Gemma xx



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