Saturday, 22 March 2014

REVIEW*: Stamptastic


So today I have something really cool to share whether you are a mummy, daddy, business owner or whoever :)

They are so amazing, I got the chance to review this just in time really. I hadn't even thought of putting Corey's name on things yet because he is only in pre-school. However, the day this arrived in the post I picked up Corey from pre-school, underneath his peg on the floor was lying a Spurs Hoody, his, one he hadn't worn in a fair few weeks, one I didn't even know was missing. How annoying is that, just lying on the floor? No one there had picked it up to find an owner or anything. Luckily, I found it!! But now, I am thankful for Stamptastic retailing at £8 per stamp and £10 for ink pad (black only).

I did the first line wonky, so I tried again so you could see better.. Obviously, you would usually use your last name, but Corey has two so I chose a middle name for my stamp and will certainly be re-ordering when he goes to big school :)

They literally work on pretty much anything - fabric, metal, paper, wood, leather and most plastics - plus no need to iron or sew. Could be use for stationary, clothes, lunch boxes, note cards etc. I really do think business' should invest in these too, as when signing letters etc it is a nice unique logo to add to it.

Really quick, easy and mess free. I highly recommend and couldn't be happier :) I am going to get stamp happy and stamp away!

Go get yours now on this link here!

Love, Gemma xo


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  1. Gemma this looks fantastic, I'm off to have a look. I am always writing on the girls clothes but this is a much better way :) x



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