Sunday, 16 March 2014

SERIES: Have You Discovered.. Skincare?


Today is the start of a new series created by my wonderful fellow blogger friend Becka :) starting today onwards with the last one 27th July, that's like a whole 20 weeks - crazy! They will be up every Sunday at 7pm with any luck (will try not to be late!). You can read her origional post here and can join at any time if you want. There is a fair few of us taking part, use #haveyoudiscovered on Twitter to check them out. Also follow on BlogLovin to make sure you don't miss mine each week :)

Sooo the 'Have You Discovered...? Series' is all about your favourite product or brand for that week, each week has a different theme (foundation, brow tool etc)

This week we are talking Skin Care. I am not really too fussed over skincare, in the past used Simple or Clinique 3 Step. Now onto using Aveeno - which I do like and will talk about in a moment. One thing I will say though, I shall admit a very big deadly sin that most of the time I can barely even be bothered to take my makeup off at night. But when I do (trying to every night!) then I use Simple wipes which are good, then apply Aveeno cream.

I started Aveeno cream whilst on Roaccuntane (strong ache tablets) and a friend had sworn by it for years so when doctors prescribed it I was really opening to try it. I use it daily under my foundation, which I have found has helped the staying power of my foundation a fair bit, almost like a primer or matte effect. Plus it is very moisturising and nourishing as well as helping towards clearing my acne slightly. I now highly recommend to everyone, plus they have a baby range which I am yet to try on Corey but have heard only good things! Average prices from your local boots too :)

Due to running a little late with my post this week due to enjoying the sunshine whilst it lasts, I have just grabbed pictures from the internet rather than taking my own so I do apologise for the crappy quality - but that will change next week!!!

Aveeno - £7.99 Boots
Simple Wipes - £3.25 Boots

So as I am not good at skincare at all, as you can probably guess - please give me some tips for very very oily skin and slight acne? I would LOVE your advice, as in need of help! Next week we have Primers so be sure to come back for that :)

Are you taking part in this series, please leave your links below in the comments as I will be sure to follow to keep up to date with all your posts :) hope you can do the same for me too!

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Love the sound of this series! Simple is such a good skin care brand, I'm also liking the L'Oreal micellar water at the moment :) xx

    Abby |

    1. It is a good series :) you should really check it out and join in hun! I will have to give the L'Oreal water a try - not too sure on it really! xx

  2. I'm part of the series & love the aveeno lotion



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