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TAG: Three Brands, Three Favourites


Soo today is another tag, a new tag :) I was tagged by the lovely Jess at Coffee and Cosmetics blog. This tag was recently started by the sweetie Paige at Paige's Preferences - its a gooden!

So the idea of this tag is to pick three different make-up brands and pick your three favourite products by them :)


Beautifully Matte in Calico - Great full coverage with long lasting stay, no seriously I actually have to scrub at my skin with wipes at night to get it off. It is just brilliant! Plus a small amount goes a long way! I finally decided to take the plunge and try it at Christmas, after months of contemplation. The lady at the counter did the match tester and well I am just over the moon :) she also suggested the next product..

Perfectly Light Pressed Powder in Translucent - When she said try the translucent I was a bit like erm? thats going to cover nothing but because the foundation is such good coverage, I only need a little bit of powder to use a setting powder!

Both of these are relatively new finds for me and honestly now they are my holy grails, can't believe it took me this long to find the perfect foundation for my skin type and pale colour! Sadly, I don't actually have a third product from No7 though, boo!


Face Form Kit in Fair - As a newbie to contouring and highlighting, plus frankly not being that great at make-up this product was highly recommended by you fellow bloggers as a great starting point which I totally agree. The shades are perfect for my pale skin and I can build the colour to how I want depending on the occasion.

i-Divine Eyeshadow in Au Naturel - An amazing kit, I love my naturel, brown/beige colours for my eyes as I am not one for bold colours too much! Using some shades to fill in my eyebrows, and the black as an eyeliner - it is versatile for all things and a great palette to practise smokey eye techniques.

True Colour Lipstick in Matte Russain Roulette - This one was actually a free gift for buying the other two, but boy am I glad I got it :) The matte staying power is brilliant, doesn't try up my lips or the lipstick itself like MAC Ruby Woo does (even though the colour isn't quite as nice as Ruby Woo!) but the price difference is a big one! So I tend to use this more really :)

L'Oreal Paris

True Match Foundation in C1 - After years of having the same foundation which wouldn't last and made me look a tad orange even in their lightest shade. Literally since I was like 13, well as you can see above I finally changed thanks to No 7, but I have been using this a concealer as does have coverage under the eyes and acts as a highlighter. But this product despite being around for so long is still highly recommended in the blogisphere!

False Lash Flutter in Midnight Black - But frankly any of their Mascara's are brilliant, I recommend you could try any. They have good long lasting stay, brilliant colours and many different brushes to suit your preferred one. I personally have a huge issue when it comes to eyelashes having gaps, so I use 2 or 3 different L'Oreal Paris mascaras to make sure mine don't have gaps before I leave the house!

Color Riche Nail Varnish - I have so many of these in far too many different shades, one colour 503 (a plum shade) I have around 7, clearly a favourite! But they really are great and they have some amazing new pastel shades which I saw on Sabrina's blog here which I can't wait to pick up some time soon :)

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I do apologise if you have already done this my lovelies, but would be really great to see what your top picks are :)


So that is it for now, what do you think of my top 3 products from my top 3 brands?! such a good new tag and can't wait to read others :) if you have done this please link it below to me in the comments.

Love, Gemma xo



  1. Completely agree with Sleek! Just bought the same face form palette, now just getting used to contouring!

    Vicky x
    Lots of Love, Me.

    1. Yeah, Sleek really is a gooden! Contouring is just so hard at times, I am terrible at it - fat face doesn't help haha! Love, Gemma xx

  2. I love the L'Oreal polishes too but they are so small I use them up really quickly!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. They are good aren't they? But some colours can be quite streaky, the newer colours are much better for this though! Love, Gemma xx



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